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PostPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 2:14 pm 

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I am playing a necromancer (went lichform), I came across a slimy ooze that I couldn't kill. It was a bit of a pain because doing damage kept spawning more. I eventually worked out I could use animus purge to get rid of them one at a time. That cleaned up all the slimes, and I kept the last one as an indestructible pet!

So bug number one, but I wasn't too worried about that, and thought this indestructible little fellow might be pretty handy.

But then I went and died, I _became_ this indestructible slime.

I have two options self-destruct or spit poision. I'm guessing this might be some legitimate option to let you destruct the husk where you want?

Anyway, the self-destruct does good damage, but this slime thing is indestructible. I ran around and cleaned up the level blowing everyone up. My health went down to -1000's at times, but yeah, didn't die.

Now the little fellow can't climb stairs without the master, which it can't control, so I'm stuck.

I'm assuming this is just a side-effect of whatever bug made this thing indestructible. (( I'm guessing my current predicament is partly my fault for trying to take advantage of a bug. ))

Anyway, tried to grab the log from the game (copied from my terminal).

This seems to be the bit where I died:

[LOG]   #{bold}#Something performs a melee critical strike against #fbd578#Harunecro#LAST#!#{normal}#
[SORTING HOTKEYS] actor = "slimy ooze"
[LOG]   #MOCCASIN#Character control switched to slimy ooze.
checkHit   29.154759474226   57.504791036644
=> chance to hit   17.677632613611
[ATTACK]   target on_melee_hit:   8   MIND   vs   0
checkHit   41   vs   26   => chance to hit   88
[LOG]   Something hits Harunecro for #aaaaaa#45 physical#LAST#, #{bold}##aaaaaa#70 physical#{normal}##LAST# (116 total damage).
[LOG]   #UID:2868:0#Harunecro hits Something for #YELLOW#8 mind#LAST#, #YELLOW#8 mind#LAST# (16 total damage).
Loading tile from tileset   /data/gfx/talents/golem_destruct.png
Loading tile from tileset   /data/gfx/talents/slime_spit.png
[LOG]   #{bold}#Something killed Harunecro!#{normal}#
[USERCHAT] channel achievement   kubhes   tome   Level 20   false   false
Server latency   444
[PARTY] error trying to set player, no entity or dead
[PARTY] control fail, same   table: 0x42ae27b8   table: 0x42ae27b8
[LOG]   Slimy ooze casts Self-destruction.
[SHADER] Loading from /data/gfx/shaders/starfall.lua
[SHADER] Loaded shader with totalname   starfall[]
New GL Shader program 81
New GL Shader 82 of type 35632
[SHADER] created fragment shader from /data/gfx/shaders/starfall.frag
*p 81: Uniform: 0: 8B5E tex
*p 81: Uniform: 1: 1406 tick
*p 81: Uniform: 2: 1406 tick_start
*p 81: Uniform: 3: 1406 time_factor
[SHADER] setting reset param   tick_start   5437016
[SPELL] friendly fire chance   100
[LOG]   #UID:17370:0##fbd578#slimy ooze#LAST# hits Aerata

PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:25 am 

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Is it possible to learn this power?

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