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Graphical bug in character creation screen
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Author:  goodguyty [ Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:42 am ]
Post subject:  Graphical bug in character creation screen

if you change the tiles' size value in the graphic mode option menu (in game options) the shadow combat talent's preview on shadowblades will look wrong in the character creation screen.
it seems that while similar talent previews like fiery hands on arcane blades look fine even after changing the tile size. of course i restarted the game after changing tile size (to the preset value of 48) before creating a new character. it looks like while a.e. fiery hands' preview ignores tile size, shadow hands for some reason is impacted by it. this might not be too important but since shadowblade is initially unlocked and this is about the character creation window, new players might see this first. however i did not create a shadowblade after seeing this so it might even affect the doll ingame.

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