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Broken talents in Embers of Rage
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Author:  Pixie [ Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Broken talents in Embers of Rage

I found 2 talents from the addon "Embers of Rage", that are broken:

Tinker talent "Explosive Shell": Procs and chains explosions to all directly adjacent creatures to the target (or adjacent to the creature the bug triggered it on as well) HOWEVER it only ever procs once on each enemy.
Even worse: It still fulfills it's intended purpose of dealing the damage of the explosion in a radius 1 ball.

Whitehoof racial "Lifeless rush": Does not set the charges to the maximum, if you already have some. Instead it just adds 1 charge (although it does still stop the decay of stacks as intended)

I've been playing whitehooves and a psyshot for the last few days and constantly reassure myself if this is indeed true, by switching off equipment pieces or refunding talents that could influence them (and no, i did not have the "Psyshot" talent at the point of where I tested out "explosive shell" exsessively). Also I'm playing vanilla.

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