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The deactivation or removal of Vorpal Bunnification's proc resets the possessor's sprite to the default character sprite, not the sprite of the body the possessor is possessing.

Writhing Psionic Mass does not actually remove mental effects. I've done extension testing with sleep, inner demons, confusion and stunned by the gloom, and it never ever removes them, even if they are the only debuffs present.

Opponents check against Mind Steal each time you try and look at the potential talents to steal. This becomes problematic when you Mind Steal an opponent and want to know what the talent does before stealing it, so you escape that menu and inspect the creature, only to have the opponent make a successful saving throw against your next Mind Steal. Problem with this is that the opponent should be checking against Mind Steal after you've already chosen which one to steal, so that issues like this don't occur.

The "You feel a surge of power as a powerful creature falls nearby" message always displays when the psychic image of a rare+ enemy either dies or runs out of time.

Powers never seem to properly translate when possessing a body. For example, if I have 14 magic and 3 spellpower, possessing a body with 77 magic and 45 spellpower that I gain 90% of its values from, I only end up with 81 magic and 11 spellpower. This makes any body oriented with something that I'm not proficient in quite useless.

When Inspecting the Doomed Shade of yourself when you were in a body, and looking at its talents, the game crashes. This might not happen for every player though as I expect it might be a talent screen overload thing.

When destroying the body of the Doomed Shade of yourself, the warning message that "your body has been destroyed" appears for you.

When facing the Doomed Shade of yourself, you have to choose which talents that it steals with Mind Steal.

When assuming the form of the doomed shade of yourself, you shouldn't be able to choose the same talents you already have as they are basically just two buttons of one talent on your talent bar that have their cooldowns tied together.

Ghastly Wail had a weird and very unreproducible bug in which it will hit twice, knocking me back one square and dazing twice. This was during testing so I had picked up no equipment, was in the starting area and spawned in a dummy, and only maxed out the three combat trees. It only happened once and I've yet to make it happen again.

Rewording some talents as their descriptions don't actually describe what they do very effectively, or their "lore description" gets in the way of the "what actually happens description".

Possessor / Ravenous Mind

You feed on the pain of all foes in sight. For each one of them that has 80% of the maximum life total (ex: 160/200) or less, you gain a stack of sadist. Your raw mindpower increases by X per stack of sadist you have. This is capped at 5 stacks.

Psionic / Battle Psionics

You make an initial attack with your mainhand for X% weapon damage. Upon a successful hit, you use this as a distraction to violently slam your offhand mindstar into it, dealing 452% weapon damage. The slam causes a shock so powerful the target is stunned for X turns, and all creatures within a radius of X around it are dazed for the same amount of time. The stun and daze duration is dependent on the number of psionic disruption charges on the target. The stun and daze duration displayed for this talent description is assuming 4 psionic disruption charges. If you do not have a one-handed weapon and a mindstar equipped but have them in your offset, your automatically swtich to them instantly. The wild nature of Battle Psionics is incompatible with the focused nature of Psiblades.

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