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[1.5.x]Stone Warden's Earthen Power has bug
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Author:  CD.Wonder [ Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:47 am ]
Post subject:  [1.5.x]Stone Warden's Earthen Power has bug

if learned T1 Stoneshield, your offhand sheild always do 50% damage(main hand is normal).I remember it has been buffed to no offhand penalty.
Sheild definition(part):
// special_combat = { talented="shield", accuracy_effect="staff", damrange = 1.2, no_offhand_penalty=true }.

Maybe bug is here:
Offhand's damage definition:
// local offmult = self:getOffHandMult(o.combat, mult)
// local combat = self:getObjectCombat(o, "offhand")
// if o.special_combat and o.subtype == "shield" and self:knowTalent(self.T_STONESHIELD) then combat = o.special_combat end。

sheild dont get combat but special_combat,
so in function getOffHandMult(combat, mult),
// if combat and combat.no_offhand_penalty then offmult = math.max(1, offmult) end,
this one isnt executed,and the function always return 0.5.

I think fix
// local offmult = self:getOffHandMult(o.combat, mult)
// local offmult = self:getOffHandMult(o.combat or o.special_combat, mult)
maybe can solve this bug.

And T3 Shards also has a bug,it use the enimy's talent, not the player's.If enimy dont get this talent, it always do the 40% weapon damage because of talent level 0.

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