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Mana Coil targeting
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Author:  silentsnack [ Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:27 am ]
Post subject:  Mana Coil targeting

Dunno whether this would fall in the "bug that's actually a feature" category: the Mana Coil tinker's autocast lacks a check to see if the caster is hitting themselves with an aoe spell, which can lead to a rather amusing death. (More amusing in this instance since I was already in debug-mode to test something entirely unrelated, so I could cheat-revive and kill myself again to reproduce the behavior.)

Looking at the code, talent_on_spell doesn't seem to care what it hits... so a special-case quick kludge would be to make Mana Coil trigger an intermediary talent which checks for a valid target before before casting Lightning. Or a more general solution would be to give talent_on_spell (and wildgift/mind/steam?) a token value to tell it whether to activate on friend/foe/self/all hits. Which could be mechanically useful for other things as well.

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