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 Post subject: [1.5.2] Multiple Bugs
PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:07 am 

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Ive decided to share these finally ^^

Resistance increases from voidwalker gear are bugged. Upon using a PD rune which should give additional resistances my temporal warden actually got less resistance than if he had used dimensional step. Also using the TW skills to trigger teleports was strange as well. Blink Blade for example also yielded less resistance even though one of my melee weapons had voidstalker boni on them. Using dimensional step with a bow out was more effective.
My TW had over 100% res all and effect reduction after a "normal" teleport and around 40% and 60% from an uncontrolled PD or Blink Blade.
The TW: ... 942c3ae89d

I kinda sorta reported this when i reported an unrelated lua error but i found an intangible and invisible mummy wrapping. My minions and i (was playing necromancer) could stand on it while it fired spells which hit and did damage. In contrast the wrapping was completely invincible even to aoe spells. Minions that stood on it were attacked by other minions.
This was close to the edge of the map if it matters.

Using infestation as a reaver can allow you to glitch into other creatures. Usually you appear to be under one of the worm masses but i ~think~ i somehow managed to get under an enemy once. No idea why that happened but it is fairly rare.

Im almost sure Through the Crowd does not grant the prodigy to your minions unless they can see you or is otherwise bugged. I noticed this when i was running through the charred scar with a high level multi-hued wyrm husk. I was hit once for quite a lot of damage while it was far behind me. Im 99% sure it was the wyrm since nothing else there was able to do anywhere near the level of damage required.

Likely not a bug but area of effects from some husks interrupt resting like an acid trap. With Through the Crowd. Mainly annoying on those that persist for a while centered on the minion like that firestorm ability.

If you rest and/or explore (not sure anymore) while in an aoe like the above you will get interrupted and take a turn but wont reload a throwing knife. Probably other ammos as well. If you instead use "wait" you can reload in the aoe.

Its probably known already but husks are really buggy and will spam lua errors if given the chance. I noticed this mainly on the Daellach(?), the meaner version of the shadow demon. The most memorable error spam was in a vault.

I think this was on my marauder: Equipping gloves/gauntlets caused the general phys crit to increase for some reason despite the gloves not having any crit stats. This resulted in weapon crit values lower than the general phys crit which should be impossible. It drove me crazy for a while until i figured out it was the gloves.

Unless i missed something having 0 vim should disable your sustains right? Well not so for my reaver who just retained them through sheer willpower when manaclashed. He was also running premonition and that did get disabled everytime.

All of the above are from memory and might not be perfectly accurate recollections.

Probably not a bug and just badly worded: Celestial/Chants has a talent that increases light radius as a passive while Celestial/Hymns has a counterpart for infravision. The wording is "increasing your light/infravision radius by x". That works for light but infravision usually overwrites and does so in this case.

Typo Celestial/Circles Circle of Warding: then -> than

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