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[RC3] Celerity gives lower-than-expected benefits
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Author:  Waladil [ Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:51 pm ]
Post subject:  [RC3] Celerity gives lower-than-expected benefits

The Celerity skill sometimes gives lower benefits than shown in the item description or following any sort of logic.

After removing all other buffs, debuffs, etc, level 3 Celerity provided me with +26.67% move speed. Adding two more points upped it to +46.67% move speed.
In a different game, level 3 gave 26.53% bonus (similar but not the same as before) and adding the two points took it to +46.53%. I'm not sure where these few points keep disappearing to, but I suspect it has something to do with movespeed equipment.

EDIT: After fiddling around with two points of Celerity, the Silk Current robes, and boots that gave +10 movespeed, I found that occasionally leveling up celerity with movespeed enhancing items can cause the increase to go wrong and you end up with less-than-expected speed, usually around 5%.

Similarly, reducing the level of Celerity with movespeed enhancers equipped causes you to have greater-than-expected benefits.

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