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So I found a drem and a writhing one in the character vault
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Author:  exarion [ Tue May 01, 2018 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  So I found a drem and a writhing one in the character vault

I was looking at the character vault, and I noticed that writhing one was an option. So I searched for it and found two characters: Player the Drem Writhing One and Graka the Halfling Writhing One. These character show an in-development version of the drem race category and both a developmental and most likely close to final version of the writhing one class. The drem character is a year old, so I won't try to analyze that, but the newer writhing one character looks interesting. While a lot of the values for the talents aren't specified, it looks like the class is going to be a tricky melee fighter. They have two teleports, one of which looks to be longer range, the other of which decreases damage of enemies, a walk through walls ability that grants damage and resistance, the ability to summon horrors and make enemies attack each other, shields and healing (including life leech), an entire category dedicated to status effects, and a melee category with lots of AoE. The class looks like its playstyle will be centered around controlling enemy positioning to maximize their AoE effectiveness while also keeping enemies off them.

I also notice that their melee talents cause them to gain insanity, so insanity might not regenerate naturally. I also notice a mention of "insanity chaotic effects" and seperately "insanity chaos negative effects", so there are probably going to be some helpful and harmful side effects associated with using insanity skills. It's also a magical class, so no antimagic.

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