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Lore Dump Google Doc
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Author:  Micbran [ Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:39 am ]
Post subject:  Lore Dump Google Doc

So I got pretty bored and a bunch of people in the r/roguelikes discord (which I encourage you join, though we do get a little shit posty sometimes, invite here) were asking questions about the lore... So I decided to make this Google Doc.
Essentially its a giant lore dump doc and there might already be one out there, but whatever.
At the time of writing this I've only done up to Infinite Dungeon Lore and I can't find the new spydre lore or the new High Peak ones so if someone could supply those that would be wonderful.
The google doc allows commenting so if you have any issues with formatting/suggestions or just want to speculate in comments, feel free to!

e: now done up to half of EoR lore, Elandar High Peak Lore and spydre lore have been found as well

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