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Unlike other undead races (and IIRC any race while wearing a "treated as undead" item), ghouls can still drown or suffocate. This makes no sense to me from a logic, consistency, or game balance perspective. They give up infusions and Blood of Life just like other undead, so why are they still vulnerable to drowning/suffocation? Please remove their need to breathe.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2020 7:49 pm 

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It's worth noting that the 'treated as undead' attribute from items does not grant the ability to survive without breathing. That is a separate attribute that happens to appear on the egos that grant that.

As for ghouls not being able to breathe underwater, DarkGod has stated that ghouls need to breathe because they require oxygen to prevent their tissues from degenerating further. This is consistent with their lack of complete poison immunity, implying that unlike skeletal or ghostly undead, their bodily systems still work to some degree and are still important to the functioning of the ghoul.

It should be noted that this is a lore-based justification, and doesn't address your point which is based on other factours. However, I will point out that both wights and vampires still need to breathe, so ghouls also needing to breathe is not an isolated phenomenon. From a cursory glance, it seems like there are just as many types of undead that breathe as those that don't.

For better or for worse, tome races are not consistent with the minor benefits or penalties they receive. Halfling, for example, does not get the confusion immunity from the yeek wayist, unlike most other living races. Dwarves and yeeks both get access to an extra set of shops and starting zones, which many other races do not. All of these are benefits or penalties that are far more impactful then ghouls being able to breathe, and they show no signs of being changed any time soon.

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