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I believe with the doomed rework in process for the 1.6 release a few suggestions would be welcomed.

One with Shadows tree is well regarded as weak.

A few tweaks I think would be thematic-

Shadow Senses is presently nullified by blindness. At a minimum, make it so you know where your shadows are so you can cure physical:blindess affects with shadow transposition easily. At present, you can randomly click and attempt to use the power over and over again until you find where a shadow is this turn. I'd like to see it override the player's blindness condition period though, allowing a very terrible form of telepathy:all around the shadows sensing their enemies while you can't find (new) walls.

Shadow Empathy: I think the talent would be more attractive if it functioned as a lightning infusion, substituting a hit onto a shadow instead of a percentage of damage. Statistically quite similar, but functionally better for players using in pre-fight as alpha strike protection. This also helps deal with losing "fade" on a shadow to a percentage of damage from player redirect from this skill being less than optimal.

Shadow Transposition: consider making the usage speed instant. It's thematic with "surprise it's a shadow" and would make one of the most situationally least useful cleanses tactically powerful, and far easier to use. This cleanse at the moment is D to F tier, unreliable unless you have a shadow, hurts the shadow, and may make you tactically vulnerable since shadows are in the thick of the fight, getting you smacked by multiple enemies in melee as soon as you transpose. This'd take it to A-B tier, still not exactly reliable, but not costing you a turn, and able to be used as a strong utility tempting you to use it even if you don't want to cleanse at that moment.

Shadow Decoy: frankly, this skill is hated for its -40 sustained hate cost, but I think it's underrated. It works even at 0 hate to activate since it subtracts from max hatred.

These changes I think would even the scales of One with Shadows's power level vs Advanced Shadowmancy.

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