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I saw this post about the upcoming 1.6:


They're trying to toy around with the saves. It's apparently not going well and my limited experience with the beta agrees. So I'll repeat my suggestion here:

What would make sense to me is this:

1. Saves determine whether or not the effect lands. Proper balance should be that attacks land the majority of the time.

2. Resistances determine the reduction in duration, i.e., 90% resistance reduces duration by 90%.

3. Cap resistances at some appropriate amount, likely between 70% and 95%.

Enemies that are immune to certain effects remain immune.

An ideal balance, to me, is that status effects should land relatively frequently. I'd say that if your power is equal to the enemy saves then the effect should land 75% of the time. If its double the enemy saves then it should land 100% of the time... or something like that.

Utilizing this approach, you could reasonably use saves to stave off most status effects but you'd wander into the occasional enemy that just overpowers them, and so you'd still want resistances to back you up and mitigate the duration. Getting hit with confuse is punitive but if its duration decreases to 1 or 2 from 8 because you have high resistances then that's manageable.

More so, your abilities would land the overwhelming majority of the time except against the occasional enemy with high saves. Then all the programmers need to do is ensure that enemies have reasonably high attack power and moderate to low saves to ensure that outcome because anything much lower than about a 90% of success radically reduces the utility of status effects such that they're not even worth using.

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