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We have already have some discussion about improving tutorial, and I think it will be better to arrange the advanced tutorial to a small campaign consists chapters.
When the tutorial is arranged as chapters, you can always skip them to play the main game if you feel confident, and come back later when you have questions. What's more, adding some lore story in the tutorial will make the long tutorial feeling not so boring.
For the lore, I want to set the tutorial campaign in Age of Dusk, while it will not ruin too much feeling of freshness when you enter the real game (you enter the same eyal but everything is completely different). But the difference of the time will also cause the player to feel confuse.
The first chapter is almost same of the bulwark part of the original walkthrough, so its needless to say. But maybe we should add more screenshot to make it more clear.
The second chapter is about a Archer solving problem for people in a small town.
Thing you will learn here:
  1. Ranged attack.
  2. Buying items and equip them. Scaling dismiss may also be taught.
  3. Using misc item (I prefer a digger (necessary!) and a gust torque (can be also used to teach power vs save & immunity)
  4. Doing quest (and the fact they are not obligatory)
  5. Power vs save & immunity
  6. Timed effect, how to look at it's description (important) and use wild infusion to solve it (many newbie player just don't know the importance of it)
  7. Fighting a final rare boss, and learn to check the character sheet of enemies before fighting!
Maybe this part seemed a bit long, so I think the form of quests will feel better than the lecture style of the original advanced tutorial. Like you will be taught about checking enemies' save & immunity, and you should use your gust torque to knockout the right dummy in three to clear a way and gain your quest item.
The third part is about a Shalore mage escaping from magehunters.
Thing you will learn here:
  1. Different races are different!
  2. The existance of Zigur and their antimagic items.
  3. You should check the character sheet of enemies, again.
  4. Basic skill of using spells, mana control and magical power.
  5. We can teach more advanced information about combat stats, maybe also cross-tiers.
  6. Teleportion.
  7. Wildness Ambushes.
  8. Maybe we can also introduce escort things?
I am not sure which mage class to choose.
I prefer Alchemist since it's easy to handle and it also tell you about your summon.
For arcane blade it mixed feature may make new player feel weird, and we shall hint (but directly tell them may not be a good idea since it's not universal) them 'You shall play it like an archmage at first levels, switch to your weapon enhancement after Arcane Destruction', which it will not able to be covered in a short tutorial.
For Archmage it will tell you many things but it has too many skills and it't not unlocked at the first time, and it will be confusing for new players.
The fourth chapter is about a halfing rogue going to the tower of kor'por to find venture.
I think it will be a 'dungeon teaching' chapter. It's largely overlap with the role of T1 dungeon, so the player may just go play the original game and come back if they have problem when this chapter will remind player about what they have missed.
Thing you will learn here:
  1. Give you full control about skills and test players' ability to properly add points.
    The rogue is confirmed to be one of the classes that players dies most in first few levels. It has been reworked but also more complex than before, so it will be a good way to grind the player, and we can offer a playground.
  2. things in dungeons like traps.
  3. different enemies (vermin, normal, elite, rare), some strange enemies like that with high speed.
  4. Light, navigating in the dungeon, auto explore
  5. Unavoidable death (by kor'por 's freeze, of course)
The main difference of that and T1 dungeon is that when you find something 'strange' here, you can immediately find the answer rather than struggle to find it out on your own.
This is just an incomplete draft and may be too complicated/ too long/ too brief. Hope for your ideas!

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