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PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:14 pm 

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Or remove Shield Defense from their talents since it serves no purpose with a 2H class unless you're playing Ogre (and while we're at it also remove Archery Training from them since nobody's ever going to take it, apart from noobs who'll ruin their characters doing so). Although I'd rather have their talents usable with 1H weapons since it opens more possibilities (and allows them to get 100% stun resistance).

Doombringers could also benefit from this since I never understood while they were locked into 2H weapons either (maybe to set them apart from Demonologists?), although obviously they'll benefit less than Berserkers since they have no shield-related trees.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:51 pm 
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It's kind of their thing, it's like saying that rogues should be able to use all their talents with 2h weapons.
Either way I agree on archery and shield defense being removed unless there's a rework that involves those builds in some more sensible manner, but I think zerk is fine as a class as-is, maybe some QoL and small tweaks though.

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Ogre being able to pick up shield talents along with Berserker is actually pretty good now that Shield Wall has no damage penalty. Same thing with Bulwarks picking up the Two-Hander tree. Both are similar to Ogre Sun Paladin.

I've never tried it, but Bulwark with a sling might actually be okay with that addon which sells lesser mastery in Last Hope. It'd be mostly for gimmick's sake though. 5/5 Repulsion?

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