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List zones by deaths on the website
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Author:  Zeyphor [ Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:01 pm ]
Post subject:  List zones by deaths on the website

I believe that there should be a new website feature that lists each [official]zone by the number of deaths that occur in it, sorted from highest to lowest
you could also do separate sorting for each difficulty

hidden vaults would be treated as the zone that their entrance is in, but the intimidating cave, the damp cave, and forsaken crypt would be treated as their own zones, as would the dreamscape and the fearscape
and there wouldn't be a separation for each level of each zone, but there may be a separation between normal and alternate zones, such as alt daikara

you got a whole twitter bot that posts every death and a death count that sometimes appears in the loading screen and a list of the most dangerous enemies, so why not do that too?

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