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[Class Idea] Lawyer
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Author:  Chronosplit [ Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:27 pm ]
Post subject:  [Class Idea] Lawyer

Yes really. This started as a crackpot idea in the chat, and it's still weird/funny. However, after doing a little bit of brainstorming I think it has merit. I have absolutely no clue how lore would even work here.

-This is a mid/melee range Psionic class that focuses on various debuffs and buffs, with a few direct damage talents if enemies get too close. Most needed stats are WIL and CUN as expected, however it can make use of Spellpower every now and then.
-Uses Mind damage mostly, but it can have other elements through various tree investment.
-Can use maces and greatmauls with WIL/CUN the same way Mindslayers can (no TK), and only those weapons. However one can also use Mindstars.
-It can be pretty variable through it's trees:

Psionic/Defendant (Buffs for you and allies, uses WIL to learn. Pun kinda intended. Of course it must have Objection.)
Psionic/Plaintiff (Offensive tree, uses CUN to learn. Partially makes use of a Mace/Greatmaul or Dream Hammer.)
Psionic/Binding Contract (Does things like Disarm, Pin, Sleep, or knockback. Possibly chosen at random by one central talent. Uses CUN to learn.)
Psionic/Rule of Law ("I am the law!" Uses WIL to learn. Revolves around a tenatively named Balance passive; the more damage you take of one element, the more adjusted you become to it though in a more offensive way than Resolve. Also contains counters with the element the enemy is least resistant against if enough damage is taken. May also take Feedback into account.)
Psionic/Dream Smith (For Mindstars.)

Psionic/Discharge (Locked.)
Spell/Angolwen Law (Locked, pro-magic law. Uses MAG or CUN to learn, uses the greater of Mindpower or Spellpower. Mana or Psi?)
Wild-Gift/Antimagic Law (Locked, uses WIL to learn and Equilibrium. Contains various ways to "detain" or kill casters. Meant to be in accord with Antimagic, obviously, but a silence sounds like a good idea thematically. No Mana Clash.)
Corruption/Demon Law (Locked. As you can imagine most verdicts in demon law involve some form of burning. Takes your gold into account because corruption. Like Angolwen Law with the stats to learn and Mindpower/Spellpower. Vim or Psi?)

Psionic/Gavel (Mastery talent that can also involve a Dream Hammer? Some other Mace/Greatmaul/Dream Hammer only abilities. Uses WIL to learn.)
Psionic/Dream Forge (Locked. Mindstar Mastery, should it be unlocked or must you get it in Zigur?)
Cunning/Survival (Can find some good use here. Possibly locked.)
Wild-Gift/Harmony (Locked. Yes, this does mean you get it by sandworm.)
Corruption/Vile Life (Locked. Yes, this does mean you get it by corrupted sandworm.)

Author:  tabs [ Fri Nov 17, 2017 3:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Class Idea] Lawyer

Needs a Jury Pool talent where they get to choose the monsters they fight. :P

Author:  Chronosplit [ Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Class Idea] Lawyer

tabs wrote:
Needs a Jury Pool talent where they get to choose the monsters they fight. :P

Nice idea. How would it work though? Would it put you and the chosen monster in a "courtroom," or would it pull the monster to you while blocking everyone else off within a certain range somehow?

Author:  Sheila [ Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Class Idea] Lawyer

Come back when we're dungeons of dredmor :)

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