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PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 8:16 pm 

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Hi, I just registered for the forum for posting feedbacks.

I have a character in the main campaign (Normal/Exploration) who collected a lot of artifacts, but encountered some problems -

1. Accidentally transmuted the Telos's Staff (Top & Lower Halves) upon leaving an area. Also the artifact was not a random generated one. (according to te4 wiki)

2. Had hauled a lot of artifacts in the hidden vaults of High Peak. By that time I didn't realize that I can't go back (Character being deleted for dying too many times & not using the orbs (for achievements) - letting myself sacrificed). Also the bunch of artifact I collected didn't add lores to the multiverse archive...

So here's my suggestions -

1. Every unique artifact/demon item's lore is given a fixed lore number. But the first time one character see one UNIQUE artifact, there is a lore popped up, regardless of having lore/has already seen that artifact once in this game or not.
(Yeah I really like the artifact lores, and they are translated into Chinese!!)

2. Transmutation of an unique artifact is not by default, and need another confirmation when trying to sell/transmute it.

3. Restrict having two pieces of same unique artifacts (I guess that's already there) by -

a) Can't retrieve unique artifacts from the items vault if already seen one, also can't retrieve artifacts which not make sense (eg. main campaign characters getting EoA ones)

b) Until an unique artifact has been confirm transmuted shouldn't there been a chance for that artifact to be spawned again.

4. More compensation options -

a) A lottery box, which may contain artifacts from area/bosses. But still it could be limited.

b) A way to sense artifacts, in case it's in a refreshable shop or dropped by character somewhere accidentally.

5. Plumpkin is given automatically if the character has the lore (Because the quest is somewhat annoying)

6. (Not so necessary) A box similar to the transmute box, which stores artifact (unique and random) along the character.

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