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PostPosted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:59 pm 

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So the new and improved Infinite Dungeon has a small range of bonus quests. I'd like to suggest some more, and invite others to do the same, so that it doesn't become dull, which it finally has for me around level 112.

Here I go:

1. Small "boss" zones. These zones would be small and consist solely of one overpowered boss.

2. Mastery bonuses. Rewards between 0.05 and 0.10 mastery to a category of your choosing.

3. An Oozemancer or necrotic zone akin to the one in the regular game, in which slimes of every increasing level, grow from the walls or undead regularly rise from the ground.

4. An anti-magic zone, in which all magic and mana regeneration is reduced in effect.

5. Random stat reward, from -1 to +3 to all stats, with an aggregate minimum of +3.

6. Armor reward... a bonus of +3 to armor.

7. Permanent resistance bonus... +1 to a resistance cap and elemental resistance or status resistance. Enemies should be thematic, i.e. if it's a confusion resistance zone, damn near all of the enemies will use that status effect. If it's fire, then most enemies will use fire, and so on.

8. "Escort" vaults. Vaults that are akin to saving the Yeek... there is someone in danger in there, you save them and you gain a reward similar to the escort quests. Fail and it's still a vault filled with goodies.

9. Allow some levels to spike in difficulty by having all enemies be either up to 200% of the zone level.

10. Forge quests... a demon forger exists. Bring him 10 of the same type of item and he'll forge a new, more powerful item from them, influenced by whatever bonuses they have, i.e. if you bring 10 rings and six have heal mod bonuses, he's almost certain to produce a ring with a heal mod bonus and definitely certain to produce a great bonus than on any of the individual rings.

11. Level up bonus... have "x" amount of gold and find the Dwarven miner. The amount should be no less than 50% of your max, but up to 150% of the theoretical max to that point in the game. Give him the requested amount of gold and he should offer you 1 entire level up.

12. Additional "rush" quest. This one is to kill a specific "marked" enemy in "x" turns.

13. Ultra mastery bonus... this bonus would raise the skill caps on any category of your choosing by 1 but the quest, which you ought to be able to refuse, renders that talent category unusable for the duration of the time in the zone.

14. Hunted... akin to playing madness. All enemies can "sense" you and start hunting you.

15. No healing zones. Just get out of the zone without having healed and get your reward.

16. No inscription zones. Get out of the zone without having used an inscription in order to receive your reward.

17. No rune zones. Same as above.

18. No dig zones. No digging. Simple as that.

19. A bonus to natural, permanent life regen... up to 0.20 per turn.

20. A permanent bonus to mind, spell, or physical power of 1 effective.

Those are my bonus and map suggestions. Some are probably fine and surely others suck. Add your own.

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