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PostPosted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:33 am 
Low Yeek

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I love Summoner and play it for a long time in evry mode. i am ok with the balence of this class, but i still want wright some annoying things here and hope @darkgod would fix these:

I: Detonate is one of few defence talent for summoner, but the 4 turns duration is too awkward. Let it get 1 longer turn with 1
class point shoud be alright. In the meantime, the circle of natrue will be more valueble for players.

II: Pet AI. yes this thing has beset many people for years,especially summonlike players. I don't expect each pet can be as
smart as alphaGO,i just want to fix these things at least:
1,make sure that all pet cast 0% speed talent first when all talent weight are equald, such as TOTAL THUGGERY of wild
2,some pets's talent weight looks like never work. Minotar's warshout is so random, i never know when the skill will be
cast,even i put the weight to 0 it still cast.turtle's always cast shell first and never cast taunt ,no matter how i adjust
the weights. Spider always cast web before poison,etc...
3,pets can't fight when they can't see enemy. Let them attack and take punishment of hit rate .
4,followed pet sometimes stoped by front pet in battle and it take few tuns for them to find side way.

III:Blighted Summoning work well for normal pet,not work for wild tree ,wild dragon,wild turtle,wild hound and wild golem,
Through The Crowd work well for all pet except golem and golem--the talent is not actived when golem is summoned.
I can understand why through the crowd don't effect the talent of winter's fury,poison stom(rtee),devouring
flame(dragon),but why it effect the poison frog( Grand Arrival of hydra). I hope fix it as the same as hydra.

IV:some pets's talent level are not growing with pet. Minorar is the biggest victim.BTW, is there posible that
Minotar'srondom weapon level can as same as itself, top to 5 .

V: Summoning (augmentation) is almost be forgottened. Plz integrate them and add some new talent to buf
summon's mobility and defense.
Alow summon to RIDE a pet must be cool if i say!!!!!!!!

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