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[1.5.5] print Tempest of Metal evasion to log
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Author:  jenx [ Sat Jun 17, 2017 6:33 am ]
Post subject:  [1.5.5] print Tempest of Metal evasion to log

Currently, the player does not know if Tempest of Metal damage evasion works.

Can a LOG output be added to the code below to indicate this please? Only ToM, Flash of the Blade, Windborn Azurite (eq), and Leaves Tide use this attribute, and the two talents report the effect, but ToM doesn't

if self:attr("cancel_damage_chance") and rng.percent(self.cancel_damage_chance) then
      if self:knowTalent(self.T_TEMPO) then
         local t = self:getTalentFromId(self.T_TEMPO)
         t.do_tempo(self, t)
   return 0

i think it needs something like

if self:knowTalent(self.T_TEMPEST_OF_METAL) then...

if it went to the payer screen, i think it will appear too much, once for every dmg, proc dmg etc. So the log would be best (or, once per turn to the screen, or both ideally!).

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