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PostPosted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:41 am 

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I think one thing most players can agree on is that saves are questionable at best; some would even say worthless. This has been true since even before I discovered the game and it doesn't really seem to have been fixed.

There are two real problems with saves, from what I gather in talking to more experienced players:
1. Enemy stat inflation quickly overwhelms player saving throws, unless you intentionally build your saves up... but why bother building up saves when specific status immunities are better and more reliable?
2. So many status effects are absolutely lethal (stun and confusion coming to mind, especially) that no experienced player is okay with even a 1% chance of suffering the afflictions and so they won't go into a fight without either 100% immunity or lots of reliable, instant cures.

I have a potential fix in mind: instead of a direct contest between power and saving throw, roll both stats into the overall success chance of a status ailment. For example, your physical save will give you a boost to immunity to stun, poison, daze, bleed, etc. These will stack with equipment that give you the respective, specific immunities and can reach over 100%. Then you compare your total resist vs the enemy's total success chance to get your final number.

Bear with me here. I'm just going to make up numbers for the purpose of illustration.

Let's say you're a berserker and let's say Stunning Blow has a base 50% chance to stun. Due to your high physical power, you add another 80% chanice. But you're attacking Qwertyuiop, the bear bulwark rare, whose extremely high physical saving throw gives him 60% immunity. 50% + 80% - 60% = 70% total chance of the stun landing.

Ignoring the specifics of numbers, how does a concept like this sound? Since any experienced player always gears for immunity instead of relying on saves, I figure having saves contribute to immunity could make them feel relevant again.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:57 am 

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Immunity is possibly even more useless than saving throw before 100% (except confusion because it's special cased).

Also don't fix what isn't broken.

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