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Small change to Technique/Acrobatics
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Author:  cksiu [ Fri Dec 12, 2014 2:51 am ]
Post subject:  Small change to Technique/Acrobatics

Nothing that changes gameplay, but I find it annoying that the 2nd skill in Technique/Acrobatics 'Tumble' has unit locked targetting on by default.

It is a bit strange because it targets enemies on the UI but you can never select that as it requires an empty tile, therefore always requiring the shift button and the arrow keys (i usually do movement on the keypad).

It would make much more sense if the targetting was the same as in 'vault'. Or otherwise it could even be like how summoner summons work, that being targetting starts on an enemy unit but you can just change it without using shift and if you select your enemy as the target, it would just choose one of the valid adjacent tiles to go to instead.

Please give feedback.

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