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 Post subject: Class Idea: Moon Knight
PostPosted: Thu Dec 11, 2014 9:24 pm 
Low Yeek

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Class idea I felt like throwing out. The Berserker to the Sun Paladin's Bulwark (even though they now have two-handed trees), with a bit of a "Far East samurai" motif.

There's been a lot of debate over fixing Celestial resource shenanigans, so this is all sort of tiptoeing around that issue. I see them as using Negative Energy exclusively, generating it when some of their abilities hit (per target) and consuming it entirely in Combo Point fashion to enhance a set of finishing moves. It'd be odd to balance, but the core generating moves weaken as the bar approaches full (with the penalty starting at, say, 75% full). The other possible gimmick is that they get bonuses at the extremes of empty and full Negative Energy, like a boost to damage at 0% fading towards 30% and a boost to survivability at 100% fading towards 70%.

Stat spread is Str/Mag/Cun or Str/Mag/Dex. Maybe a four-way spread, even.

Still working out specific talent ideas, but rough tree ideas.

Class Trees:

Celestial / Lunar Rising
Core offensive talents and Negative Energy generation. They get slightly weaker as the moon reaches its peak (full NE), or otherwise get a bonus at a set moon (empty NE).

Celestial / Lunar Falling
Advanced offensive talents and Negative Energy generation. They consume the entire Negative Energy pool and get additional damage/save/radius/etc. for each point burned.

Celestial / Tide of Battle
Utility tree. Provides movement/status removal/etc. Somewhere between War Cries and Superiority in design.

Celestial / Penumbra
Defensive tree. Focuses on a Two-Weapon Defense style parry mechanic.

Celestial / Moonlit Blade
Critical hit tree. Somehow uses a pseudo-Corona type thing, but isn't as good as Anorithils at getting huge numbers of crits per turn.

Generic Trees:

Celestial / Lunacy
Enhances the benefits of being at extremes of Negative Energy, and expands your Lunacy Threshold (i.e. how far the bonus extends). Crescent Lunacy gives expanding offensive buffs with each talent and starts at 0% NE, decreasing towards 30/35/40/45% NE. Full Lunacy gives expanding defensive buffs with each talent and starts at 100% NE, decreasing towards 70/65/60/55% NE.

Celestial / Phase Stances
A mixture of Oozemancer Mosses and Celestial Chants/Hymns. Each Stance offers an instant/short-term effect (damage shield, burst of damage, dodge, etc.) when activated and then a smaller sustained effect. Each stance puts the others on cooldown for some turns.

Deals mostly Darkness and Physical damage. Unsure if they're a heavy/massive armor class or a light armor class. The idea is that you could build them as a bump attacker that uses abilities to stay in your preferred Lunacy zone, a melee "caster" that burns oscillates from low to high to low Negative Energy and neglect Lunacy, or a crit-based melee Anorithil with Moonlit Blade. Or something like that.

Anyways, that's what I've got so far. Hoping to sort of teach myself enough Lua to get at least part of this off the ground, though.

(I'm AllThings in IRC, sorry for using two names, I'm not a thief, I swear!)

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