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Some changes/nochanges personnal thinking about 1.6 SUMMONER
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Author:  dndfans [ Sat Oct 05, 2019 7:11 am ]
Post subject:  Some changes/nochanges personnal thinking about 1.6 SUMMONER

Cheer for 1.6 First :lol: :lol: :lol:
no new class for now,so i test my fav summoner a bit.
Totally, seemslike DG want to makesure that summoner should be combat with his pets in midrange.
T/G tree change is nice, balence the demand ratio between T/G points,but device mastry always is my first full G point in erly game.
NEW Tools system is cool, i did not test completely but i belive it is very helpful to summoner then before.
AI changes show in battle clearly, NPC will run away or change attake road to avoid my pets and kill me. More dangerous and fan, which i like.
NPC power debuff help me easy pass erly hardgame (first 8 level i think), sometimes i even think the debuff is too much :P
OK, here a thing i complain again and again, the TURTLE NEVER USE TAUNT , NEVER in ANY situation. i am depressed about this and only use for turtle is summon it and blow it up for a shild.
only two things i do not like about 1.6 summoner change is one about Pheromous. Camon!!! the old talen can do the same job by command ui , Pheromous is just make it convenient ,the price is you must be seen by monsters.
the other thing i hate is wild stone golem lose his AOE skill. With my experience, that is the most trustworthy AOE in hard deep game for summoner.
P.S. I wished that oneday summoner can ride a dragon pet to battle, i found DG realize my dream in the new class, thanks :wink:

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