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What makes ToME different?
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Author:  bta [ Mon May 27, 2019 12:02 am ]
Post subject:  What makes ToME different?

I started playing ToME (Tales of Maj'Eyal) for free, on Linux (not Windows or Apple operating system). After a short bit of time, when I beat my way past the Weirdling Beast into the Shar'tul Fortress, I was asked to donate real money. It was a request and the request was politely phrased. I thought "I enjoy playing this game a lot, I want to show my appreciation and give support to the people that created this free game." I "put my money where my mouth is" a little money for the little time I had spent so far.

The game records say I have played 58 days so far. It seems much longer. I started playing when I was working, and a played a little each day. Now, I am between jobs and I play more often. I believe I am far from exhausting the game's potential.

I like exploring and I like achieving and showing progress. ToME satisfied my hunger for all that. The end goal of the base game is to beat the two final bosses. There are many strategies and routes to reach that goal. Many things depend on luck and many things depend on planning ahead to succeed when the time comes. I have not beat those bosses yet. I tried only once, early on, and spent the rest of my time building up characters that might be able to survive, succeed and excel in this endeavour.

Many of the people that play ToME are smart, polite and helpful, unusually so. And, many of the people that added to the richness of this game, with addons, items, in-game stories, bug reports, these people are still playing the game today! For the fun of it!!

I like the many short stories and descriptions on items and spells and abilities or "talents", on monsters and on quests. I like the visual differences of items and monsters. I like the conceptual ideas presented, like an intelligent staff for a magic user that insults your character as they grow in power. There are many, many of these ideas that feed my imagination. Brain candy.

The game is turn based, I step away and go about real life and nothing in-game has changed when I have the time to come back and play some more. That is essential to me, real life is more important than game life. And, I can talk with other players but I have to play alone: I do not depend on others to accomplish goals, my accomplishments are my own and my actions do not affect others, nor their actions affect me.

I love all that. I thank all of you and DarkGod (ToME creator) too. ;)

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