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Item stored in offline vault.
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Author:  Skeith [ Tue Mar 27, 2018 5:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Item stored in offline vault.

So I guess I need some assistance with this.

I was playing online, enjoying my new donator vault. I was just about to store a staff in the vault, when my internet cut out. I received a message from the game to the effect of "item stored in offline vault."

I thought "well, this bites." My internet wasn't restored until this morning (PDT), so I'll check to see where the staff is. It's not in my characters inventory, obviously, it was stored in the vault. I open the online vault (via in-game fortress), and the staff is not in the list of items. Weird, I'll login to the main site, and check my items vault, maybe it still has the 60min timer for some reason. Still no staff listed.

Then I remember the game saying "offline vault", so hey, I'll pop offline and open the game again. Then I can just grab the staff, hop back online, then shove the staff in the online vault. "Only items from a validated game versions are uploadable." Access denied.

So, what is this inter-dimensional offline vault, and how does one unlock its' mysteries? Has my staff been lost to the ether?

How do I get items out of my "offline vault"?

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