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PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2018 1:05 pm 

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I'm working on an addon that uses the damage type of a wielded staff for most of a class's spells, and it occurred to me that the method I used could be useful for modding, or development in general, and that it wouldn't hurt to share it.

getStaffType = function(self)
   --from channel staff. we'll use this to check damage type for all of our staff and shield attacks.
   --we changed damtype to kind so it wouldn't be confusing in our callbackOnMeleeAttack. we also added the name field to save ourselves some steps when we want to get the name as a string -- with colors!
   local weapon, combat = self:hasStaffWeapon()

   local combat = weapon and weapon.combat or false
   local trail = "arcanetrail"
   local particle = "bolt_arcane"
   local explosion = "manathrust"
   local name = "#PURPLE#Arcane#LAST#"
   local kind = (combat and combat.element) or (combat and combat.damtype) or DamageType.ARCANE

   if     kind == DamageType.FIRE then      explosion = "flame"                  particle = "bolt_fire"      trail = "firetrail"         name = "#LIGHT_RED#Fire#LAST#"      
   elseif kind == DamageType.COLD then      explosion = "freeze"                 particle = "ice_shards"     trail = "icetrail"         name = "#1133F3#Cold#LAST#"      
   elseif kind == DamageType.ACID then      explosion = "acid"                   particle = "bolt_acid"      trail = "acidtrail"         name = "#GREEN#Acid#LAST#"      
   elseif kind == DamageType.LIGHTNING then explosion = "lightning_explosion"   particle = "bolt_lightning" trail = "lightningtrail"   name = "#ROYAL_BLUE#Lightning#LAST#"   
   elseif kind == DamageType.LIGHT then     explosion = "light"                  particle = "bolt_light"     trail = "lighttrail"      name = "#YELLOW#Light#LAST#"      
   elseif kind == DamageType.DARKNESS then  explosion = "dark"                   particle = "bolt_dark"      trail = "darktrail"         name = "#GREY#Darkness#LAST#"   
   elseif kind == DamageType.NATURE then    explosion = "slime"                  particle = "bolt_slime"     trail = "slimetrail"      name = "#LIGHT_GREEN#Nature#LAST#"      
   elseif kind == DamageType.BLIGHT then    explosion = "slime"                  particle = "bolt_slime"     trail = "slimetrail"       name = "#DARK_GREEN#Blight#LAST#"      
   elseif kind == DamageType.PHYSICAL then  explosion = "dark"                   particle = "stone_shards"   trail = "earthtrail"      name = "Physical#LAST#"   
   elseif kind == DamageType.TEMPORAL then  explosion = "light"         particle = "temporal_bolt"  trail = "lighttrail"      name = "#STEEL_BLUE#Temporal#LAST#"   
   else      kind = DamageType.ARCANE           explosion = "manathrust"             particle = "bolt_arcane"    trail = "arcanetrail"  name = "#PURPLE#Arcane#LAST#"
   return {kind = kind, explosion = explosion, particle = particle, trail = trail, name = name} -- half of these we might not use, but since we just coppied the function anyway, we might as well store the info in case we do decide to use it

All we've done here is copy the relevant portion of Channel Staff and dropped it into a function defined in spells.lua which returns all of the determined values. Also, for cosmetics, we added a 'name' field which returns a string with the name of the damage type in the appropriate color.


Edit: Image link looks broken. Might just be on my end, but I'll just drop it inline anyhow.

channelStaff.jpg [ 55.86 KiB | Viewed 895 times ]

It occurred to me afterward that this could also be wrapped up into hasStaffWeapon(). I'm not really sure which would be more ideal.

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