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PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 7:29 pm 

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I'm working on some archer tweaks, and duplicated Intuitive Shots while shuffling trees around. I'm trying to replicate the cancellation of attacks from it proccing, but I can't seem to get it to work. Also, Intuitive Shots itself doesn't seem to be cancelling attacks when it procs. Not sure if it's a main game bug or just me breaking stuff. Code below:

   name = "Intuitive Shots", short_name = "INTUITIVE_SHOTS_RAZ",
   type = {"technique/reflexes_raz", 2},
   mode = "sustained",
   points = 5,
   cooldown = 10,
   sustain_stamina = 30,
   no_energy = true,
   require = techs_dex_req2,
   tactical = { BUFF = 2 },
   getChance = function(self, t) return math.floor(self:combatTalentLimit(t, 50, 5, 40)) end,
   getDamage = function(self, t) return self:combatTalentWeaponDamage(t, 0.4, 0.9) end,
   -- called by _M:attackTarget in mod.class.interface.Combat.lua
   proc = function(self, t, target)
      local weapon, ammo = self:hasArcheryWeapon()
      if not weapon then return end
      if self.turn_procs.intuitive_shots and self.turn_procs.intuitive_shots ~= target then return end
      if self.turn_procs.intuitive_shots == target then return true end
      local targets = self:archeryAcquireTargets(nil, {one_shot=true, x=target.x, y=target.y}) --Ammo check done here
      if not targets then return end
      self.turn_procs.intuitive_shots = target
      local xatk, ret = 1e6, true
      --Precheck hit chance so a miss doesn't stop the melee attack
      if not self:checkHit(self:combatAttackRanged(weapon, ammo), target:combatDefenseRanged()) or target:checkEvasion(self) then
         xatk, ret = -1e6, false
      game.logSeen(self, "%s %s the attack!",, ret and "intercepts" or "fails to intercept")
      self:archeryShoot(targets, t, nil, {atk = xatk, mult=self:combatTalentWeaponDamage(t, 0.4, 0.9)})
      return ret
   on_pre_use = function(self, t, silent) return archerPreUse(self, t, silent) end,
   activate = function(self, t)
      return {}
   deactivate = function(self, t, p)
      return true
   info = function(self, t)
      local chance = t.getChance(self,t)
      local dam = t.getDamage(self,t)*100
      return ([[Activating this talent enhances your reflexes to incredible levels.  Each time you are attacked in melee, you have a %d%% chance get a defensive shot off in time to intercept the attack, fully disrupting it (including extra blows from certain talents) and dealing %d%% archery damage.
      This cannot damage the same target more than once per turn.]])
      :format(chance, dam)

class:bindHook("Combat:attackTarget", function(self, data)
   data.mult = data.mult or 1
   local speed, hit, damtype, mult, target = data.speed, data.hit, data.damtype, data.mult,
   local sound, sound_miss

   if target:isTalentActive(target.T_INTUITIVE_SHOTS_RAZ) and rng.percent(target:callTalent(target.T_INTUITIVE_SHOTS_RAZ, "getChance")) then
      local ret = target:callTalent(target.T_INTUITIVE_SHOTS_RAZ, "proc", self)
      if ret then return false end
   data.speed, data.hit, data.damtype, data.mult = speed, hit, damtype, mult
   return data

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