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PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 10:23 pm 

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take away the 2 handed talents? ogre reaver still don't give a F***!
yeah, he doesn't have the shaloren's bio-nuke, but oh well. trade off.
also, can dual wield artefact staves...

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 11:27 pm 

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supermini wrote:
Ogres using 2h on a class that uses 1h + something is fine. Turning 2h classes into dual wielders seems very iffy.

What about 2h trees requiring you to use the 2h in two hands?

Or what about them simply requiring you to wield a single weapon? 2H would still be the default choice because they're generally stronger, but if you happened to come across a really good 1H weapon you have the option of using that.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:49 am 

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donkatsu wrote:
Technique/ Shield Offense: 1/1/1/1
Celestial/ Guardian: 4/5/5/4
Celestial/ Combat: 5/1/1/5
Celestial/ Crusader: 5/1/5/4
Celestial/ Sun: 1/2/1/4

This leaves you with 10 class points that you can distribute to Two-handed Assault, Shield Offense, and/or Sun Ray/ Sun's Vengeance.

Ogres are still garbage Sun Paladins though, because they're not Shalore, but that goes for every race besides Shalore.

I tried an approach like this (though slightly different) and it felt very, very strong.

Mind you, it is totally feasible to invest those 10 extra class points in Combat Techniques, too. The extra inscription from Writ Large will compensate for the inscription slot that this costs.

I am actually not convinced that Shalore is really the best sun paladin any more, even with timeless. On normal difficulty, Ogres are certainly more robust. I have won the game on normal RL with several easy race/class combinations, and this one (ogre sun paladin) felt like it was the easiest so far. It's extremely robust, giving you great offense as well as great defense.

In fact, there was only one fight (beyond the early game) where I had to escape at all: when I opened the room of death at the first opportunity. That was a challenging fight, but I won it.
Everything else was a pushover and I never had to retreat, even in fights where I was facing multiple bad rare + boss monsters.

Crusader tree, Retribution, and 2600 HP. Tank build is tank. Again, on normal difficulty this is even stronger (more robust and forgiving when you make mistakes, that is) than wildfire Archmage or Oozemancer.

Here is a link to my character. Mind you, I made some suboptimal build choices, you can definitely improve on it. I believe it was a mistake not to get Combat Techniques, for instance.

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