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The Good:

1. Synergy - almost all of the categories are well thought out and skills support each other nicely. The combos are impressive both on offense and defense.

2. Offense - it's probably a little overpowered in general.

3. Defense - This is a shockingly resilient class. Once you go Lich, it'll be very, very hard for enemies to land status effects on you and you have multiple ways to mitigate or avoid damage entirely. If you play a little riskier and stay under or near the 0 life point, you can pick up even more defensive capabilities. Especially late game, you are very, very hard to kill.

4. Fun - unlike the comparably powerful Temporal Mage, the Necromancer is quite intuitive and thematic. It's easy to figure out how to build but it's also extremely forgiving, i.e., it's hard to really mess it up. There's a ton of variance and almost all of it works or makes sense. More so, there are a lot of ways to play, from utterly recklessly to ultra-precise and it has tools and mechanics suitable for each.

The Bad:

1. Early game resource management is tough. The limited number of souls mean being very careful for the first third of the game. More so, you probably don't need to invest in Willpower at all and this means you might be short of mana early-game as well.

2. Movement isn't great. You really don't need it given how powerful your character is but if you run into trouble, you're not getting out of there easily unless you planned carefully or are willing to use an inscription or equipment slot on an emergency escape. A torque of psychoportation is good as it isn't shut down by silence.

3. Silence... oh boy, especially once you're a Lich, silence shuts you down almost entirely. This is one of the good reasons to make sure you have at least a couple of minions hanging around or a Torque of clear mind (though if you run into two antimagic enemies, it won't help much). You still have a lot of passive damage and defense but it pays to be aware of enemies that might possess silence. It's worth sacrificing a surprising amount of other bonuses for 100% silence resistance.

4. Hiemal Shield - not quite as thematic or synergistic as the rest of the class and ultimately it's just hard to justify an serious investment in the class, although if you go Adept (and you should), you will probably be able to spare 4 points.

The Ugly:

1. To the Grave is still buggy but when it works, it's an impressive link in a number of interesting combinations. Unfortunately, it tends to have issues when lots of effects are happening all at once, especially in vaults and with traps.

2. The requirements to kill Celia and get the fortress with sufficient energy before level 25 (so as not to miss out on any life rating bonus) is tempting enough to get yourself into trouble. It's manageable on Normal and even Nightmare but Insane or Madness? Don't bother trying that early.

3. Still in beta, with all that entails.

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I definitely agree on the whole killing Celia thing being a awful experience on Insane and up. You are pretty much forced to miss out on that juicy extra hp because most of the time you wont have the strength to kill her around 25 even if you entered the area early. Each level past 25 that I have not used my prodigy point feels like such a waste.

A possible suggestion would be that if, at any level, your first prodigy point goes toward turning into a lich, it would just gives you the extra hp you would of gained if you had done it at 25. So the exact same character at level 25 or anywhere before 42 would end up still benefiting from the life rating bonus. Although the problem with this is that we assume that the player immediately kills them self to turn into a lich right away (does anybody not do this?).

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