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ToME 3 Project Scope
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Author:  madmonk [ Tue Dec 01, 2009 8:19 am ]
Post subject:  ToME 3 Project Scope


I seem to be voted in to the role of Project Manger for ToME 3, and I will admit it is a very humbling experience to have so many people agree to me being cast in this role :oops:

I should state right at the outset, that I left the forum last February because my son went into hospital for what turned out to be a very protracted stay (fortunately he is well and back to his usual boisterous self!). To top it all off I broke both hands in a boating accident and have had to have some surgery done on them. I have one final bit of surgery to go, and then hopefully all will be well.

I put the time to good use and as Bucketman had suggested I had a good go at seeing if I could code a module. It turns out I don't have the patience or tenacity to do this so please do not ask me for programming tips, I don't know any!

So now we come to the actual project, and what is in scope and out of scope for it. This has been arrived at after long discussions between the interested parties and I am very grateful to all of the people who chipped in, helped and generally made the outlining of our goals a pleasant experience. If the enthusiasm they have shown is anything to go by, my task will be made much the easier as a result.

Our 2 technical leads (Nerdanel and Elcugo) have been very active in fixing things in the T-Engine and in the modules, and I would like to congratulate them on being made the lead, they are very familiar with the code and have been relentlessly chasing down and fixing things over the last few months. I have every confidence in their abilities!

Please note that the deliverables are deliberately chosen to be quick and easy ones. At this stage we need to deliver results, so quick wins are a must.

ToME3 development In Scope Targets

Take the T-Engine from Alpha status to Beta#1 status. Nerdanel will be the technical lead for this phase of the project.

Move the current CVS to a chosen DVCS . Elcugo seems to be our local expert on the chosen DVCS (Mercurial) so if you have any trouble ask and I am sure he will be more than happy to help. We are currently going to use the temporary repository that he has set up, pending a more formal and permanent solution.

ToME 3 Development Out of Scope
The ToME3 module will be excluded as a deliverable at this time. The reason for this is that so much work is required to actually build it that at this stage it would slow the project down by a lot. Elcugo will still be the technical lead for the module and once the T-Engine is in beta status and that phase of the project has been shut down we will then begin work on the module.

So this is really a deferment rather than a cancellation. If anyone actually wants to do some module coding then please ask elcugo and I am sure he will be willing to assist. But our main target must be getting the engine into Beta status!


Until such time as I can get a good feel for how long this will take I would be guessing. So a good guess is 3 months. Note that this will change if we get increased/decreased resources, some of the deliverables come in under/over time, and so on...

Author:  madmonk [ Tue Dec 01, 2009 8:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ToME 3 Project Scope

I forgot to add that elcugo has the repositories for ToME 3 in the following locations (I quote!):

I have finished conversion of some of the code in CVS to Mercurial and hosted it on


So go ahead and follow, fork, clone or otherwise peruse these repositories.

Mercurial can be downloaded from

To clone the repository using the command line tool type in your terminal:
For the ToME module:
$ hg clone
For the Engine:
$ hg clone

(But it might be easier to use the 'fork' feature, or I can give you write access to that repo.)

If things go nicely, this may become the official repository sometime in the future.

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