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PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:29 pm 

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Hello everyone,

Since comming back I have had alot of help pertaining to TOME; my character is a Dark Elf Sorceror and alot of the information relating to questions I asked was not as prominent on site after the forum change. I am very new but the answers to the questions are from experienced players and I was asked to post them on the ideas forum. The format is simply, question then answer and in no particular order.

Q: I'm a sorceror and confusion causes me big trouble, how should I deal with this and wheres the confusion resist gear?
A: Confusion resistance is not easy to get early unless you get lucky with a princess quest. Chaos resistance also gives confusion resistance, but the way. Carry potions of cure critical wounds (you can buy them in town) to cure confusion and blindness. Try to avoid meleeing with umber hulks- they are very dangerous for low level characters. If you are playing a sorceror you should try to avoid letting anything hit you, ever. Cast detect monsters frequently so you know where things are and blast everything to bits from across the room. Note I saw an indestructible ring of confusion resistance in the black market but it was a hefty price and was out of my league at this time.

Q: How do I fuel a lantern?
A: Press "SHIFT" & "F" (for a capital 'F'). Make sure you have fuel for the lantern (torches fuel themselves, oil and lanterns fuel lanterns).

Q: How do I use a Pick/dig tunnels?
A: press 'w' and wield the pick, next press "SHIFT" & "T" (for a capital 'T') then press the direction you wish to dig

------------------------------- TO BE ANSWERED PROPERLY
Q: How do I get in blocked in areas with rocks around them and no entry but which I know there are many monsters in via the sense monsters spell? (I think these are called vaults?)
A: Each vault will have at least one way to get inside. Strong characters with a good digging tool can just dig at the walls to find a granite wall to enter the vault. Weaker characters should use wands of dig or the spell. Make sure that the targeted square is a non-permanent wall before you cast dig on it though. Also, monsters in vaults are leveled, and can be more difficult than the standard monsters. There have been cases where mountain chains block the vaults entrance; however, this is rare.

Q: What is the best order of dungeons to take on early on as a sorceror?
A: Early on sorcerers will want to try to maximize their int and wis, and get full school tomes, hence a recommended route is to do the following (keep in mind a potion store can sell stat potions and for much less than black markets):
sandworm lair (for tomes)
orc cave/old forest/moria/land of mountains (looking for markets) (possibly rhun in here too)

Q: I'm a sorceror/mage and I am wandering what kind of armour should I wear?
A: Sorcerors can wear any kind of body armor. They take a hit on mana if the total amount is too great. I think this is governed by their Combat skill, but most of the time it isn't too important. If you find a randart plate mail with four immunities, wear it. There is one type of armor that does really badly affect spell casting, but you get a message when you put it on.

Q: What are ROD tips, how do I use them?
A: Zap a rod tip (by pressing the 'z' key) to attach it to a rod. You probably have seen some wooden rods lying around in the BD; better ones show up later. Then zap the rod to get the effect.

Q: My Sorceror keeps getting ambushed and I die, how can I be more tactical and less reactive?
A: Globe of light is a good AOE early game when surrounded but it would be better to buy a book of Noxious Cloud at the first oppurtunity, check magic related shops in bree as well as the black market. Also remember to set your tactics to running and cowardly, from default settings to cowardly open the tactics screen by pressing 'SHIFT' & 'C' then press 't' 4 times. Next to get running from default settings do 'SHIFT' & 'C' then press 'e' 5 times. (Bottom right of the character sheet window should show "Tactic: Coward" , "Explor: Running" Another thing mages should do extensively is use detect monsters so they can pre-plan their battles! So the following:

- press 'm'
- press '*'
- press 'a'
- press '*'
- press 'a'
- press '*'
- press the letter that corresponds to the "Sense Monsters" spell

A similiar process is used to cast other spells; this is a long convoluted way to do things but its good for learning purposes so you can see your books before doing things the more sane way via macros.

Q: Okay so I went so far down the barrows and I got some companion and he/she follows me everywhere, I cant even remember what the initial message was but will I have this companion for the rest of the game and do I need to level him/her up or equip them?
A:You helped an adventurer (referred to as Fumblefingers or FF on this site) reclaim his sword. You had a choice of having him follow you or getting another reward- you should have taken the other reward. He will follow you until he gets killed (probably not long).

Q:I am having problems with the mushroom quest of some sort, how do I solve it/them?
A:Hopefully this will help:

- Once you get 14 mushrooms, go back to the farmer but remember speaking to him WONT end the quest and you MUST offer the mushrooms to him; to do this you should press lower case 'y' then direction, also if you have a large stack of mushrooms of the same type you can just press 'n' to repeat the last command
- If it is the case you cannot get to the mushrooms for the dogs then I would recommend killing Smeagol(I found him about half way down BD) and looting a ring of invisibility. More useful information on the wiki - ... omSupplies

Q: I'm on level 10 of Barrow Downs and I cant find the level 11 exit, where is this?
A: If level 10 was a FF quest level, there are no stairs down. You are at the end of the BD, and your options are to climb back out or use Word of Recall. Always carry a stack of scrolls, a rod, or the spellbook (once you can cast it).

**************************IMPORTANT********************************(Add to this if relevant)

This small newbie help text was created collaboratively by some members at , feel free to add to it (This is my first time doing anything like this so I realise the format isn't going to exactly conform to any expected standard and really, the aim is just to help in a small way)

Contibuters: [In no particular order]

- Xandor Tik'Roth
- Yottle
- Saberson (me)
- Shoob

If I have missed any names out please say since all help given is appeciated.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 4:07 pm 

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I deleted your other post, and I edited this one to include more information. I think that eventually this topic should be split into a general and a mage guide (each sticky), but for now I am leaving this as it is.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 10:21 pm 

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Nice one Shoob, thanks for the edits. The fact is theres far more experienced on here than myself so if people want to merge the guide or add to it that would be great. (Fine with all that, its just good to see info building up again - to be honest I hadn't checked the ideas forums until after I completed this and there seems to be a fair amount of material to help people)

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