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For lovers of Collectible Card Games - Spellweaver
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Author:  pizdabol [ Thu Jun 30, 2016 3:03 pm ]
Post subject:  For lovers of Collectible Card Games - Spellweaver

Spellweaver is a recently released CCCG for Bulgarian developoer Dream Reactor. Nothing revolutionary for the genre (yet), few neat little tweaks aside. The game could be classified as... freemium, I guess. As of yet, and the developers seem intend on keeping it this way, it is perfectly reasonable to be competitive without paying a dime, buying things just speeds up the process. There are not many cards compared to older franchises, but that's normal given how new the game is, and there's and upcoming expansion of 100+ cards and some new mechanics.

And as I suck at creative writing, here's a thorough review by someone who knows what he's doing (allegedly).

And here's the official site for anyone interested:

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