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PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:31 am 

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I've had my head stuck underground in a fortress, knotting my neckbeard, and building intricate traps and mazes. It is now pretty goblin proof now, thank you very much.

But it's got me thinking about an idea. Picture this: America is wracked by a nuclear civil war. The Reds have taken Seattle and some of British Columbia. The Blues have sent a small team ahead of an amphibious invasion. You start with a team of three, your orders are to pick an island, take out the Reds stationed there, and enlist the villagers.

They can make things for you, go on missions, you can call in airstrikes, and gather information about say if a mud flat during low tide can handle a tank, you can recruit pirates and smugglers to form you a navy, sweep for mines, make the villagers carry identification papers, capture and secure lighthouses, etc...

You have to deal with tides, moonlight, Reds - both frontal assaults and them integrating small units onto your island, and creatures born from the nuclear wasteland that is Portland. You have to find the enemies sentries, patrol routes, and line of sight. How many sentries do I have to kill to get to the HQ tent where the plans for all the anti aircraft guns are? Because the more people you kill, the stronger the Reds response.

All the while counting down to the invasion. What you've done until then greatly affects the outcome, but you'll still be an active participant.

Of course, I have to at least put out Hellfire first. And I had planned to port it to the Atari 2600. You know, really boil it down to its essence. Some crazy bastard made Visual Basic for it, and my VB chops are pretty decent. It may be too much work, and I may flounder before I begin. I hear Atari doesn't have a video bus, and I'm not even sure what that does. Plus, then it works on your phone.

So, who is with me?

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