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Notes on Music spells:

Most Music spells are lasting effects; they consume the specified amount of mana each turn they are in effect, and remain in effect until explicitly canceled by the player.
Music spells are annotated with a Roman numeral indicating their "instrument level"; they can only be cast from an instrument with the specified (or higher) pval.
The spell stat for Music spells is CHA.

Stop Singing(I) (level 1, mana 0; fail -400%)

Cancels any lasting spell effect.
Song of the Sun(I) (level 1, mana 1, fail 20%)

Confers a lasting temporary light of radius 5. The light lasts for 5 turns after the spell is canceled.
Holding Pattern(I) (level 1, mana 1:10, fail 20%)

Casts a lasting slow effect; every turn that the spell is in effect, attempts to slow all monsters in line of sight, with power 10+(E@100:1) (see notes on slowing below). The slowing effect is cumulative; a monster's speed is decreased by 10 every time it fails to resist the spell.
Blow(I) (level 4, mana 3:30, fail 20%)

Casts a ball of sound centered on the player, with radius 1+(E@12) and base damage (2+(E@10))d(4+(E@40)). Not a lasting effect.
Illusion Pattern(II) (level 5, mana 2:15, fail 30%)

Casts a lasting confusion effect; every turn that the spell is in effect, attempts to confuse all monsters in line of sight, with power P=10+(E:100:1) (see notes on confusion below).
Flow of Life(II) (level 7, mana 5:30, fail 35%)

Casts a lasting healing effect; heals 7+(E@100:1) hit points every turn that the spell is in effect.
Heroic Ballad(II) (level 10, mana 4:14, fail 45%)

Confers lasting temporary effects: heroism, plus super-heroism if E?10, plus a to-hit and damage bonus of +15 if E?20, plus resistance to chaos and confusion if E?25. All effects wear off 5 turns after the spell is canceled. See below for the effects of heroism and super-heroism.
Stun Pattern(IV) (level 10, mana 3:25, fail 45%)

Casts a lasting stunning effect; every turn that the spell is in effect, attempts to stun all monsters in line of sight, with power P=10+(E@90:1) (see notes on stunning below).
Gush of Wind(II) (level 14, mana 15:45, fail 30%)

Teleports away all monsters within radius 1+(E@12) of the player, with range 10+(E@40). Not a lasting effect. A level-M monster that resists teleportation will resist the spell with probability M percent (100 percent if it is a unique).
Hobbit Melodies(III) (level 20, mana 10:30, fail 70%)

Confers a lasting shield effect with +10+E armor class. Also confers lasting +7+(E@10:1) speed if E?15.
Horns of Ylmir(III) (level 20, mana 25:30, fail 20%)

Casts an earthquake effect of radius 2+(E@10:1). Not a lasting effect.
Claraudience(IV) (level 25, mana 15:30, fail 75%)

Confers lasting temporary ESP, which wears off 5 turns after the spell is canceled. Also, if E?10, each turn the spell is in effect, identifies objects on the floor within radius 1+(E@3) of the player.
Ambarkanta(IV) (level 25, mana 70, fail 60%)

Casts alter reality. Not a lasting effect.

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God spells

Assorted notes on god spells:

Minimum required skill level and spell effect level are computed based on the Prayer skill. All god spells receive a bonus to spell effect level based on your Spell-power skill, as described for school spells above.
God spells use piety rather than mana. The "piety M:N" notation used below mirrors the "mana N:M" notation used for school spells above.
The spell stat for all god spells is WIS.

Eru Iluvatar

[see also: Mana, Divination, Mind]

See the Music (level 1, piety 1:50, fail 20%)

Confers temporary see invisible with duration 10+(E@100:1)+1d10. If E?10, also maps the surrounding area. If E?20, also cures blindness. If E?30, maps and wizard-lights the entire level. Can be cast while blind.
Listen to the Music (level 7, piety 15:200, fail 25%)

Identifies a selected object. If E?14, identifies all carried objects. If E?30, identifies all carried objects and all objects on the level.
Know the Music (level 30, piety 200:600, fail 50%)

Fully identifies a selected object, as per a Scroll of *Identify*. If E?10, fully identifies all carried objects.
Lay of Protection (level 35, piety 400, fail 80%)

Creates glyphs of warding on all squares within radius 1+(E@2) of the player.

Manwe Sulimo

[see also: Air, Meta, Conveyance]

Manwe's Blessing (level 1, piety 10:100, fail 20%)

Cures fear, cancels temporary light, and confers the following effects with duration 30+(E@70:1)+1d40:

Blessing, as per a Scroll of Blessing.
Heroism if E?10.
Super-heroism if E?20.
Holy aura if E?30. This confers +5 luck, hold life and +1 light radius.

Bonuses from the above (as described below) are cumulative.
Wind Shield (level 10, piety 100:500, fail 30%)

Confers temporary protection from evil with duration 10+E+1d20; if your level is L, then a level-M evil monster will be unable to hit you with probability 50+L percent if L?M. If E?10, also casts a shield effect with the same duration and +(E@30:1) armor class. If E?20, the shield effect does unresistable damage (1+(E@2:1))d(1+(E@6:1)).
Manwe's Call (level 20, piety 200:500, fail 40%)

Summons a friendly Great eagle, leveled to monster level 20+(E@70) (see notes on monster leveling below).
Avatar (level 35, piety 1000, fail 80%)

Confers temporary Maia form with duration (E@20:1)+1d10. This has the following effects (where L is the player's experience level):

+5+(L/5) to all stats
+2 blows per round
Immunity to fire, lighting, acid and cold
Resist poison, light, darkness and chaos
Hold life, levitation and regeneration


[see also: Earth]

Divine Aim (level 1, piety 30:500, fail 20%)

Confers a temporary +15 bonus to-hit and to damage, with duration E+1d10. If E?20, the next E+1d10 melee attacks will all be critical hits, doing damage 3×D+20, where D is the normal damage of the attack.
Whirlwind (level 10, piety 100, fail 45%)

Attacks all monsters within radius 1 of the player as though by an ordinary melee attack, except that your number of blows per round is reduced to 1.
Wave of Power (level 20, piety 200, fail 75%)

Attacks the targeted monster as though by an ordinary melee attack, except that your number of blows per round is set to (E@B:1), where B is your normal number of blows per round.

Melkor Bauglir

[see also: Mind, Udun]

Curse (level 1, piety 50:300, fail 20%)

Has the following effects on the targeted monster:

Reduces the "dice" and "sides" of all melee attacks by 1 (or 2 if E?50 and both are at least 2) -- for instance, an attack doing damage 2d5 would now do damage 1d4, or 0d3 if E?50.
If E?15, reduces armor class by E, to a minimum of -70.
If E?25, reduces speed by (E@7:1), to a minimum of -30 (one-third normal speed).
If E?35, reduces max hit points by an amount dependent on the monster race, to a minimum of 1.

If E?5, you are currently praying to Melkor, and your current piety is greater than 5000, there is a chance that these effects will be applied automatically (at no piety cost) each time you hit a monster with a melee attack; the probability of this is (W*(E@100:1))/M percent, where M is the monster's level and W is your WIS scaled to 30 (see below for the definition of this).
Corpse Explosion (level 10, piety 100:500, fail 45%)

All corpses within radius 2+(E@5:1) of the player explode in a ball effect centered on the corpse with radius 7×(20+(E@70:1))/100 and base damage D×(20+(E@70:1))/100, where D is the max hit points of the appropriate monster type. The damage done by the explosions is shards.
Mind Steal (level 20, piety 1000, fail 90%)

Attempts to take control of a targeted monster's actions. The monster will resist with probability M-E+1 in M, where M is the monster's level.

Yavanna Kementari

[see also: Water, Earth, Temporal, Nature]

Charm Animal (level 1, piety 10:100, fail 30%)

Attempts to charm all animals within a targeted ball of radius (E@2:1), with power 10+(E@170:1) (see notes on charming below).
Grow Grass (level 10, piety 70:150, fail 65%)

Attempts to convert random squares within radius (E@4:1) of the player to grass.
Tree Roots (level 15, piety 50:1000, fail 70%)

Confers temporary bonuses of +10+(E@60:1) to armor class and +10+(E@20:1) to damage for a duration of 10+(E@30:1).
Water Bite (level 20, piety 150:300, fail 90%)

Casts a projection effect with duration 30+(E@150:1)+1d30, radius 1 if E?25 or 0 if E<25, and base damage 10+E. The damage is water.
Uproot (level 35, piety 250:350, fail 95%)

Converts an adjacent tree square to a friendly Ent, leveled to monster level 30+(E@70:1) (see notes on monster leveling below).

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Miscellaneous spell effects

Blessing, heroism, super-heroism

These are all efffects that temporarily boost combat ability:

Blessing confers +5 to armor class and +10 to-hit. It is conveyed by Scrolls of Blessing (hence the name), Holy Chant, and Holy Prayer.
Heroism confers +12 to-hit, resist fear and +10 max hit points. It is conveyed by Potions of Heroism (hence the name).
Super-heroism convers +24 to-hit, -10 to armor class, resist fear and +30 max hit points. It is conveyed by Potions of Berzerk Strength.

Charming, confusion, stunning, slowing

These are effects that can be resisted by a monster with a probability based on the monster's level and the power of the spell. If a spell with power P is cast on a level-M monster, then:

The monster will resist a charm spell with probability M-1 in P-5. If the spell only affects certain types of monsters, like animals or demons, this probability reduces to M-1 in P. Note that uniques, quest monsters, and monsters that resist confusion cannot be charmed by spells of this sort.
The monster will resist a confusion spell with probability M-1 in P; if it does not resist, its confusion timer is set to 1+3d(P/2) if it is not already confused, or increased by half that amount if it is already confused, to a maximum of 200 game turns.
The monster will resist a stun spell with probability M-1 in P; if it does not resist, its stun timer is set to 1+(L/10+3)dP if it is not already stunned (where L is the player's experience level), or increased by half that amount if it is already stunned, to a maximum of 200 game turns.
The monster will resist a slow spell with probability M-1 in P; if it does not resist, its speed is decreased by 10. Note that uniques are immune to this effect.


Unlike in some of its predecessors, invisibility in ToME is not a binary effect; it has a power level, which determines how powerful a monster must be to see through your invisibility. This is computed as follows: Let I be your total invisibility power and M be the monster's level, modified as follows:

M=M+10 if the monster is immune to sleep
M=M+20 if the monster is a dragon
M=M+15 if the monster is undead, a demon, or an animal
M=M-15 if the monster is an orc
M=M-10 if the monster is a troll
M=M/2 if the monster is stupid
M=(M*5)/4 rounded down if the monster is smart.
I=0 if the monster is invisible, a quest monster, or under your control

Then the monster will be unable to see you with probability I in M×2.

Invisibility power conferred by worn items are cumulative with each other and with temporary invisibility power; temporary invisibility effects are cumulative in time, using the power of the most recently activated temporary effect. For comparison, here are the power levels of common sources of invisibility:

Rings of Invisibility have power 40.
Artifacts and ego items that provide invisibility have power 10 times their pval.
An invisible symbiote confers invisibility power 20.
An invisible possessed body confers invisibility power 20.
Invisibility provided by Melkor for high piety has power 30.
Potions of Invisibility confers temporary invisibility of power 35.
The Invisibility Mimicry power confers temporary invisibility of power 50.

Leveled monsters

Monsters in ToME can gain levels and become more powerful by killing monsters to gain experience, much like the player does. In some cases (the Angband dungeon, some relic quests), monsters are artificially raised to a higher level on creation; such a monster is described herein as "leveled to monster level N". Each time a monster gains a level, it may gain any or all of the following modifications:

With proability 80%, it gains one "die" of hit points and max hit points. For instance, a Kobold, whose normal hit points are 3d7, would gain 7 hit points and 7 max hit points.
With probability 40%, it gains +1d2 speed.
WIth probability 50%, it gains +A/10 armor class (rounded down to the nearest integer, with a minimum of 1), where A is the monster's starting armor class.
With probability 30%, one of its first three melee attacks is increased by one "die". For instance, a Kobold's 1d8 attack would increase to 2d8.

For a "leveled" monster, these effects are applied once for each difference in level between the monster's default level and the target level (if the latter is less than the former, no change is made). This can produce some truly horrific monsters: a Kobold (default monster level 2) leveled to monster level 50, for instance, will on average have 3d7+268 hit points, +29 speed, armor class 40 and a 15d8 melee attack.

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Stat-based adjustments

Some of the effects described above include stat-based adjustments; for reference, we list here the numerical amounts of said adjustments. For some purposes (mostly table lookup), a stat value is converted internally to a stat index, as delineated in the second column.
Stat Stat index Min fail rate Fail rate adj
3 0 99% 0
4 1 99% 0
5 2 99% 0
6 3 99% 0
7 4 99% 0
8 5 50% 1
9 6 30% 1
10 7 20% 1
11 8 15% 1
12 9 12% 1
13 10 11% 1
14 11 10% 1
15 12 9% 2
16 13 8% 2
17 14 7% 2
18-18/09 15 6% 3
18/10-18/19 16 6% 3
18/20-18/29 17 5% 3
18/30-18/39 18 5% 3
18/40-18/49 19 5% 3
18/50-18/59 20 4% 4
18/60-18/69 21 4% 4
18/70-18/79 22 4% 5
18/80-18/89 23 4% 5
18/90-18/99 24 3% 6
18/100-18/109 25 3% 7
18/110-18/119 26 2% 8
18/120-18/129 27 2% 9
18/130-18/139 28 2% 10
18/140-18/149 29 2% 11
18/150-18/159 30 1% 12
18/160-18/169 31 1% 13
18/170-18/179 32 1% 14
18/180-18/189 33 1% 15
18/190-18/199 34 1% 16
18/200-18/209 35 0% 17
18/210-18/219 36 0% 18
18/220+ 37 0% 19

Another stat-based concept sometimes used in the game is that of a "scaled" stat. This will be denoted herein as a stat "scaled to N", and is defined as (I×N)/37, rounded down to the nearest integer, where I is the stat index of the stat in question, as listed above.
Changelog and credits


Corrected Divine Aim piety cost, as noted by vfb.

Corrected descriptions of Genocide spell and level-based bonus for Udun spells, as reported in the ToME forums

Added bonus blows per round from Maia and Balrog form, as noted by vfb.

Only weapon attacks will trigger a projection effect, not barehand or bear-form attacks.

Added a convenience link back to the 2.2.x spell spoiler.

Updated for 2.3.x. Notable differences include:

New spells Sterilize and Inertia Control.
Spells that can be used with Inertia Control receive "IC M;N" notation, as explained in description of Inertia Control.
Water Bite base damage increased from 10+(E@10:1) to 10+E.
Tweak to description of Disarm spell.


Added some internal cross-links from various terminology used in some spell descriptions to definitions of same.

Add cross-links from god spells to school spells provided by that god.

Grow Barrier requires skill level 12 in Earth.

Banishment is dual-school Temporal+Conveyance.

Added details of protection from evil to Wind Shield.
Added maximum distance note to Recall.
Small tweak to Manwe's Call.
Added links to the heroism/super-heroism effect section from spells that confer those effects.


Expanded notes for Essence of Speed to note that re-casting it while in effect does not increase duration.

Added annotations for spells available via wands and staffs, indicating the allowed range of base level and max level for each spell.

Added a table of contents.

Fixed description of Disarm to describe what actually happens rather than what was apparently intended... ;)
Corrected and clarified description of Globe of Light.


Oops, Essence of Speed is level 15... :-}

Update some spell effect descriptions to note when uniques are immune.
Update descriptions of teleport-away spells to cover monsters with the resist-teleportation flag.


CSS tweaks.

Added piety level and praying requirement for auto-application of the Curse spell.

Completed sections for the Geomancy school and monster leveling.
Updated note in Tree Roots description about bug that is fixed in v2.2.3.
Assorted tweaks and corrections.


Initial release.

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Thanks for posting these. I made them sticky so that they won't get lost (not that this forum gets a lot of traffic…).

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