[1.7.4] Hidden Resources and Forcefield

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[1.7.4] Hidden Resources and Forcefield

#1 Post by GrayStillPlays »

I'm not sure what the interaction with Hidden Resources and stacking-cost sustains is supposed to work like, but I feel like with the wording on Hidden Resources with "none of your talents use any resources" Forcefield shouldn't be draining any Psi. It absolutely does though while Hidden Resources is active and will drain psi and fail at 0 Psi like normal.

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Re: [1.7.4] Hidden Resources and Forcefield

#2 Post by nsrr »

This is working as intended; hidden resources only affects active talent cost, not drains from sustains, effects, or other sources (manaburn, etc).

However, confusion on this interaction is pretty common and the description of Hidden Resources is certainly not clear enough on this point. I've submitted a MR to clarify both Hidden Resources and Highborn Bloom, noting that they do not affect resource drains and specifying that Hidden Resources affects active-use talents only.

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