Class: Woodcutter

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Class: Woodcutter

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Adds a new class, Woodcutter, designed and developed by me.
Woodcutters are usually not adventurers, but some of them decide to take on this dangerous pursuit. Woodcutters are masters of axes and firewood, and some learn how to use traps in defence of their camps.

On a practical note, this class seems a lot weaker than many of the classes already in the game. This is accurate flavour-wise, so I don't think I will bother to fix it. The whole class is mostly a meme anyways.

Class talent categories:
Technique / Woodcutter
-Woodcutter: Increases damage dealt to plants.
-Chop the Branches: Deals weapon damage and disarms.
-Log throw: Deals damage and dazes on (relatively) good range. Deals half damage to random adjacent enemy.
-Timber: Whenever you kill an enemy using an axe, deal damage to random adjacent enemy based on the target's max hp. (Can't chain, but can activate multiple times per turn.)
Technique / Firewood
-Campfire: Deals heavy fire damage on single square for 8 turns, and a bit of light damage in large radius.
-Gather firewood: Gives firewood (resource) regeneration, can be activated to cut down a tree and regain firewood.
-Warm meals: Increases max hp, hp regen and nature resistance.
-Bonfire: Deals heavy fire damage on single square for 8 turns, and burns enemies in radius 1 around it.
Techinque / Axes
-Axe Mastery: Weapon mastery for axes
-The Right Axe For The Job: Swap to your quickswap set if it is an axe. Removes disarms and gives bit of physical power.
-Axe Spiriting: Deal extra physical damage on hit.
-Cinematic Axe Spin: Deal weapon damage in radius of 2.
Commoner / Commoner in combat
-Transferring skills: Gain generic point
-Learning the ropes: Gain 3 stat points
-Basics of combat: Gain a bit of extra saves, gain new categories and talents (rush at raw talent level 3, mostly)
-Savings and assets: Gain extra gold per level, and a random (bad) unique at level 5
Cunning / Trapping (locked)
Spell / Haunted Woods (locked)
-Familiar with the woods: Gain spell power, spell save, campfire damage and damage against ghosts.
-Ghost timber: Deal damage in a line and stun.
-Axe spiriting: Deal extra darkness damage on hit.
-Becoming the sounds: Deal area damage with chance to terrify enemies. Does not take an action to activate.

Generic talent categories:
Technique / Mobility
Technique / Conditioning
Technique / Herblore
-Lightweight leaves: Gain mental save and movement speed.
-Resistance roots: Gain poison, disease and wound resistance, and reduce damage from small damage instances.
-Healing herbs: Heal + regeneration
-Vitamin diet: Gain physical save and 5% global speed at level 5.
Cunning / Survival (locked)

I don't think I will maintain this actively, but if you find major bugs, think you know how to balance this properly or have a really good idea for additions, feel free to leave a comment. I'll might read it in less than 6 months. I plan to at least come and patch major bugs at some point.

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