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♪ Christmastime is here… ♫

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So, new Christmas tradition: spending a few hours cycling through my… [checks notes] 55 currently active characters so that they can all pick up the prodigy point from the special holiday event that started firing again last night. :twisted: Some of that time, admittedly, was spent tweaking my savefile-scraping character-listing Perl script to detect which characters had gotten the event and which hadn't. Which in turn led to the surprising and amusing discovery that some of my characters are apparently so old and so infrequently revisited that they weren't eligible for this year's event — because they'd already gotten the event last year. :shock: :mrgreen: At the pace I play, I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't just start planning characters around the assumption that they're eventually going to get three prodigies. (Hmm, speaking of which, perhaps now would be an opportune time to start a new character… :wink: )
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