Fixing the obvious problem with Rimewraith

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Fixing the obvious problem with Rimewraith

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I'm surprised this hasn't been addressed yet but...

Rimewraith jumps around from friendlies to enemies each turn but if the current host dies then the Rimewraith goes with it. The obvious problem is that you can't control where it goes and so it often goes into a weak enemy and the damage it does kills it. Thus, Rimewraith often dies right out on turn one, making it a very expensive, very weak one target ice attack. Not what was intended and it makes it almost entirely unworkable for most of the game. When the enemies are weaker than your minions, it kills them and thus ends the effect, but when the enemies are stronger than your minions, they kill your minions (often when one is a host), thus also ending the effect.

More so, it has a 30 turn cooldown... ouch.

My solution? Simply have it reset the cooldown for every turn remaining on its duration. It starts at 12 but can go up to like 25 or something. Thus, if you cast it and it dies on turn two, and it's at level 1, then the cooldown drops 11 turns. If it's on level 5 (let's say it's a 25 turn duration) and it happens on turn one, then it would drop 24 turns off, resetting to 6, minus the one turn spent, so to 5.

As far as I can see, that's a reasonable solution.

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