A slight Necro nerf and a slight buff?!?

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A slight Necro nerf and a slight buff?!?

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aCombine the Dread and Rimewraith categories into a locked "Greater Summons" category with four talents: Dread, Rimewraith, the active ability from each category in one skill, and a new minion.

1. Dread - The Dread gains the Souleater function at level 3 and Dreadmaster at level 5

2. Rimewraith - it gets Frigid Plunge a level 3 and Permafrost at level 5.

3. Establish a new talent that grants the remaining ability to the corresponding "greater summon." So, it'd grant the Neverending Peril ability to a Dread and Gelid Host to the Rimewraith. Call it "sacrifice" and the price is no mana or soul but one lesser minion.

This, of course, leaves space for one more ability... And for this spot I'd put a new minion that actually ties together some of the other abilities and restores resource management as a concern so it doesn't further increase the already notable power of the necro. What is it?

4. Soul Eater:

A sustain summon that pays its mana and soul cost EACH TURN... so 25 mana and 1 soul.

What you get is a ghostly summon that is immune to all but arcane, manaclash, and mind damage damage. It doesn't do any damage itself or cast status effects. Instead, it uses one soul per turn to restore to full life to one of your minions and clearing them of some status effects. If it targets a ghoul, it would save its life if it were to be used for discarded refuse or corpse explosion and so on. It would never heal you though.

IF you or minions kill something that turn then it uses that soul. If not, it consumes one of your stored souls. Thus, you'd need to recover two souls a turn to break even or you'd need to use hidden resources or similar.

Functionally, it'd be really helpful against mobs... as your mana recovery and soul recovery could keep it going. Against bosses, it'd be riskier and more situational. One potential use would be to set up a single Lord of Skulls and use Soul Eater to keep it at full life as it'd be the only thing to target. Theoretically, if you invested in Dire Plauge and Soul Leech and Torture Souls, and got Highborn's Bloom and Hidden Resources, you could keep it going for a long time.

This would restore some resource management problems to the Necro without ratcheting up the power because the category would be a talent point sink and would require some compromise elsewhere but it would increase diversity of builds and make the Dread and Rimewraith more useful for regular play.

One final point... for this new category, I figure a thematic cost. By this, I mean, each talent you pick up "permanently changes the world" and can't be removed. More so, each talent you pick up reduces your positive life by 50 and increases your negative by 40. Note, that is -10 life per, so -40 in total. This would be because these minions are so powerful...

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