Greater Weapon Focus has to to go...

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Greater Weapon Focus has to to go...

#1 Post by Delmuir »

Very nearly 100% of my deaths come at the hands of GWF. It's an absurdly overpowered skill, particularly on enemies.

The fact that I see that damn skill EVERY TIME I die is a clear indication that something is wrong. Either other skills aren't as dangerous as they should be or this damn skill is too damn powerful. And yes, I know it was nerfed already but I'm suggesting that it just be completely eliminated on enemies.

To be clear, I don't mind dying... I'd just like to die to something other than GWF.

Additional issue... I see psionic and Oozemancer skills on a LOT of random bosses. The majority of the last few games I've played (I've started keeping track) and that's suspiciously prevalent.

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Re: Greater Weapon Focus has to to go...

#2 Post by Laerte »

I agree 100%.

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Re: Greater Weapon Focus has to to go...

#3 Post by Tryble »

In my opinion, it was always multiple actions (whether from Greater Weapon Focus, Flurry, TK Strike, enemy getting a doubleturn, etc) combined with extreme weapon damage that caused most unexpected deaths from explosive burst damage. I've been outta the game for two years, but it seems like these problems from back then are still around, I guess?

It's not just that an enemy rocking major melee damage can GWF you for hilariously high damage, it's that some enemies are so roided up that they can punch through the entire health pool of durable, plate wielding characters with heavy investment in defensive talents and with active thorny skin, etc. Here's a pair of relevant screenshots to posts in that thread with example logs/screenshots. Now that I look through those old posts again, I see you're commenting on GWF in that very thread so it seems like we're still of similar mind on this, I guess :D

I suppose that if you're specifically concerned with GWF in particular, it should be reasonably simple to author up a bandaid mod for it (if I'm remembering correctly, insane+ enemies have superinflated talent levels so wrecking its scaling may be enough), or something similar along those lines...
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