The Iron Helm of Gorlim

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The Iron Helm of Gorlim

#1 Post by budswell »

Immune to Cold. -5 Int,Wis,Search. (+25,+25). Other resistances. Random teleport. Antimagic Shell. Drains Life.

Just found this artifact in Moria. A little bit tempted. The +25,+25 would be awesome, extra 200 damage with my 8 blows (playing my first successfuly swordmaster).
But the bad stuff. Random teleport will annoy me but I could live with it. What is the Anti Magic Shell? I take it means I won't be able to use any of my rods? (that would suck) What about scrolls? And how fast will it drain life? Will my two regen items cover it? Or is this basically a teaser, looks so good but not really practical.
BTW: Always found it annoying that you cant copy text (on Windows) from Angband games.

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Re: The Iron Helm of Gorlim

#2 Post by overtrix »

I usually end up carrying it around for a while, then stash it in a house for a while, before finally deciding that I'm once more not going to bother with it. Probably the most tempting of the Greek Gift artifacts, aside from Mormegil which is an auto-tempt :)

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Re: The Iron Helm of Gorlim

#3 Post by Yottle »

Antimagic shell prevents you from casting any spells or (I think) using any magical items. Magical items are rods, wands, and staves. You can still use potions, scrolls, and artifact activations. This shouldn't be a big deal unless you are using rods a lot. Random teleport is good as long as the item isn't cursed. Every once in a while it gives you a chance to teleport, but asks you first. Drains life should not be an issue for a high-level fighter. Your regeneration should easily counter it.

However, I don't bother with it. My strategy is to use equipment to improve my weak points rather than enhance my strong points. With a fighter I prefer headgear that gives telepathy, detect, or identify.

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