Unlocking the Marauder in 1.5.1

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Unlocking the Marauder in 1.5.1

#1 Post by SleepyJosus »

Just looking for any tips post-update. Everything I can find is about the old classes. Help!

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Re: Unlocking the Marauder in 1.5.1

#2 Post by SamGray »

You may have seen this tip elsewhere already, but it works. I played Shadowblade a while back and pumped Illuminate to 5 early on. I also stacked all the increases to light damage I could find and delayed the Scintillating Caves to something like level 14. One of the crystal types in that zone has a huge weakness to light damage, and if you have big enough of a bonus, you can hit the achievement to unlock Marauder right there.

That said, I had thought my Shadowblade would be something of a throwaway character, but I ended up winning Normal Adventure with it. Mid to late game you'll start easily doing enough damage anyway if you can just get that far.

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Re: Unlocking the Marauder in 1.5.1

#3 Post by Nasrudith »

I unlocked it at 1.5.8 as a rogue. In that case it calls for being the worst rogue ever and acting more like a dishonorable berserker. Ignore daggers entirely until you have your unlock and pump poison. Go with a strong and cunning race like ogre. The strength boost and feel free to go heavy armor if it gives significant gains in survivability over the best light armor you can find. Pump most of your spare points into strength and cunning and invest in poison heavily as that is what you will be using the most and use your category points on rogue tools for the sake of the healing. Feel free to dip your spare class points into stealth and damage bonuses. Despite my efforts at sneaking up and trying for a multiple crit to unlock it I got my unlock when under the lake on a random crit on some naga while my attempted ultra-damage combos were cooling down still.

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Re: Unlocking the Marauder in 1.5.1

#4 Post by Snarvid »

Oh, y'know, if you're a stinky cheater you can activate devmode from the options screen, make a new rogue character, hit ctrl-a, activate godmode, and bump attack something. Just in case you wanted to get on with it without jumping through hoops.

Don't forget to turn it off afterwards or your saves will be invalidated from then on.

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