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Demon Seeds Plus

#1 Post by Erenion »

There are two demon seeds in the base game that are pretty hard to obtain, but useless: Khulmanar and Walrog.
This addon changes these two demon seeds and adds new ones from the other unique demons: Draebor, Lithfengel, Shasshy, Kryl-Feijan, Corrupted Daelach.
Note: to add these seeds, the demons had to be added to the major-demon file, as I couldn't get it to work otherwise. I set the rarity to false, so they shouldn't spawn, but if any of these appear "in the wild", please report it here.

The level cap on demon seeds is changed as well, it now is the higher value between 50 and your level. Infinite Dungeon time!
Some demon seeds apparently don't accept this and grant a maximum level of 7 in their talent.

Each unique demon seed can (only) be obtained by using Demon Seed on the respective demon.
They all have one thing in common: regardless of their slot, they give one special bonus.
All rings additionally give +1 vim regen (like a tier 6 seed would).

Khulmanar, General of Urh'Rok
Special: Grants 20 Strength and one size category.
Weapon: Grants Infernal Breath (the Doombringer skill).
Offhand: On block, create a ball of fire, damaging and stunning nearby enemies.
Body: Grants Fire Storm.
Ring: Makes you immune to knickknack and gives 30% stun resist.

Special: Grants 100% ice block penetration.
Weapon: 25% chance to cast Freeze on hit.
Offhand: Ice retaliation damage when hit in melee.
Body: Grants Ice Storm.
Ring: Gives cold resistance. You do not need air anymore.

Draebor, the Imp
Special: Voidwalker (resist all + defense on teleport)
Weapon: %d%% chance of confusion on melee hit
Offhand: Grants Demonic Banishment, a skill that teleports all enemies within a radius 3 ball a random distance away.
Body: Grants a form of Controlled Phase Door (similar to the rune).
Ring: Bonus movement speed.

Special: Diseases heal you instead of dealing damage to you (but you still get the stat decreases).
Weapon: Chance to cast Virulent Disease on hit.
Offhand: You have a chance to disease melee attackers.
Body: Grants Infestation (from the Rot tree).
Ring: Increases Blight damage.

Special: Darkness damage on melee hit (might get changed, if someone has a better idea).
Weapon: Chance to cast Blood Boil on hit.
Offhand: Grants Wave of Blood, a darkness-damage-dealing form of Tidal Wave.
Body: Grants Corrupted Restoration, a skill that heals you, increased for each debuff on you.
Ring: When hit in melee, you deal additional blight damage and gain vim.

Corrupted Daelach
Special: Increases the range of existing Heightened Senses (or grants that range).
Weapon: Chance to cast Firebeam on hit.
Offhand: Darkness damage affinity.
Body: Grants Poison Breath.
Ring: Grants unbreakable, permanent, but weak stealth.

Special: Grants 10% chance to heal from damage dealt (leech percentage increases with level).
Weapon: Grants Meteor Rain.
Offhand: Grants Visions of Brutality, a demonic form of Nightmare.
Body: Grants sleep and fear immunity, plus confusion resistance.
Ring: Grants Domination Hex.
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Re: Demon Seeds Plus

#2 Post by Andy00 »

Arrrgh. I LIKE this mod, I really do.

But do you have any advice on the best place to get Khulamar and Draebor?

Walrog can spawn in the second stage of Lake of Nur. (Technically other water dungeons; and you can force incarnate him by killing both the dragon and naga in that mission.

Is there a higher chance he would appear in Demon Zones? Like the Orbital Platform in the Demon Invasion mini-event, or the Doomelf Racial dungeons?

I've only seen Khulamar in Farportal runs.

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Re: Demon Seeds Plus

#3 Post by Razakai »

Draebor spawns if you refuse to give the orb of many ways to Tannen, he'll be encountered next time you use the farportal.

Khulmanar is entirely random, he spawns anywhere where greater demons can spawn - high level vaults in prides are where I generally find him.

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Re: Demon Seeds Plus

#4 Post by HousePet »

Immunity to knickknacks is OP. :P
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Re: Demon Seeds Plus

#5 Post by Frumple »

Might be a bit late for suggestions, but an immediate thought for Kryl-Feijan special's would be to have it unlight the tiles of stuff melee'd. Then it could either let you see clearly through unlit tiles or(/and) grant shadow power based on number of near/adjacent unlit tiles. There would be the obvious artifact synergy if you went with shadow power, as well as with armor of shadows regardless.

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Re: Demon Seeds Plus

#6 Post by Andy00 »

More commentary. Corrupted Daelach spawns in the Valley of the Moon with the Book/Jeweler quest.

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