Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.3.0 aka "Dust to Dust"

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Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.3.0 aka "Dust to Dust"

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My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.3.0 ! See http://te4.org/

Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!

New content AKA: that's awesome:
  • Temporal Warden and Paradox Mage classes completely reworked. Check them out immediately!
  • Chronomancy spells can no longer fail or backfire (anomalies still occur).
  • Spellpower for Chronomancy spells is -50% at 0 Paradox to +50% at 600 Paradox.
  • Above 600 Paradox (modified by your Willpower), major anomalies will occur. Paradox bar now reflects how close you are to that threshold.
  • A new race was revealed, a fruit of a long-standing war. Check what contemporary documents in the old halfling ruins might say.
  • Slasul is no longer a pushover. That naga got gainz! Of course Ukllmswwik matches his performance.
  • Added a bunch of new unlockable splash screens.
  • Several sweet new icons for your talents.
  • Wyrmic talents are reorganized and provide passive benefits. It's a HUGE buff!
  • Angolwen sports a new fountain.

UI changes AKA: My stuff is in all the wrong places:
  • Several graphical effects now update more frequently.
  • Several graphical effects are now sweet and awesome.
  • Automatic Talent Use will now refuse to use talents which cooldown is lower than their use time, so you don't lock yourself out.
  • Tiles will flip depending on where they last bumped. All hail the sprite flip!
  • New UI option to display a grid over the map.
  • Addon list now shows addon version.
  • "Inspect creature" now displays creature's talents by categories.
  • More artifacts are shown up on player doll. Do brag before those custom tile users!
  • Game options are directly accessible from main menu now.
  • Dragging hotkey icons shows the place they'll end up on. If the hotkey would be dropped, it's clearly visible now.
  • ASCII mode will not show symbols upon symbols, only the top is seen (does not affect ASCII with background mode)
  • Better artifact power use descriptions
  • New gameplay option to auto-validate the default target; thus requiring only one keypress to fire a talent
  • Highlighted a few special grids for escorts and slime tunnels.
  • Rare mindstars now have description hints for their sets.

New mechanics AKA: I didn't know they changed it:
  • Some talents have been assigned "fixed cooldowns". That means they're immune to cooldown reduction and some cooldown-reducing effects.
  • Talents have been assigned speed (which you can override in addons). Acceptable speeds include "combat" (unarmed), "archery", "weapon", "mainhand", "offhand", "spell", "summon", "mind", "movement", and "standard" (1 turn).
  • Player rank (elite) and insteadeath immunity is universal across all game modes now. Hard game modes weren't being made any harder by fractional stat points.
  • Forced starting zones no longer have rare+ rank enemies.
  • Levelup dialog now shows error messages as flyers above Category points, instead of modal dialogs.
  • Items modified with talents can now be placed in Items Vault, but will lose their modified properties.
  • Reload is no longer granted to anyone. You'll still have it if you had it. You still won't use it ever!
  • Unstoppable is no longer Timeless. Neither is Draconic Will. They both are "other" effects which means that they cannot be stripped or affected.
  • Exploration mode now allows full respec anywhere. And I do mean FULL respec, with no puny "3/4 points" limitation.
  • Run/Rest now spots projectiles flying your way (but not your own, so beware!)
  • Run/Rest also stops if you saw someone for the fraction of time as they escape your field of vision at the end of your turn.
  • AI now only catches a glimpse of you through stealth, making them look in your general direction, not get a lock-on. This helps a bit.
  • Detrimental traps now have flat 5% chance to not trigger if you're bad at disarming them.
  • Dream Altar in a certain caldera no longer can kill you or do anything bad to you.
  • Waking up from a bad dream makes you lose life over several turns, not instantly.
  • On that note, Sleep no longer causes you to skip turns, yet you still cannot use anything but instant talents.
  • You can no longer wield an item by replacing another item that provided necessary requirements for it.
  • Sandworm Queen will now seek you out tirelessly if you are late to her lunch.
  • Tooltip now have a significant delay on up/down scrolling. Sidebars in levelup screen, prodigy screen, and birth screen now bounce as tooltips do.
  • Arcane Destruction (Arcane Blades) now actually scales and is not effectively a 1-point talent.
  • Shade of Kor'Pul got some cover around it. Now you can retreat when you get frozen! Well, after you get frozen. If you're still alive.
  • Shield Runes are now material level 2, down from 3.
  • You are now correctly afflicted with Cursed Aura as long as you have Unnatural Body, without having to be Cursed or Doomed.
  • Several glove egos have got disarm immunity on them. Keep that grip tight!
  • Phase Door runes now additionally grant you buffs "on teleport" from your equipment (adding to its own bonuses).
  • Debuffs to your powers can now not only cancel buffs out, but bring them below your baseline stats.
  • Rest should wait for air if you're able to catch a breath. It also waits for detrimental effects' durations and item cooldowns.
  • Summons now count their turns down once per game turn, not their own turn. Bloated oozes are more short-lived now, but no one liked them anyway.
  • You can now teleport within vaults and out of vaults, just not change your current vault by teleporting.
  • Lite "damage" now reduces the unlit value of grids with darkness if it can't remove them.
  • Nerfed Aeryn, buffed Argoniel. Now Argoniel can eventually kill Aeryn if left completely alone.
  • Elandar no longer ignores irresistible sun since Argoniel no longer has it
  • The Crystal Focus can now be applied to shields (updates the special_combat fields appropriately).
  • Out of Phase/Time Shield effect reductions can no longer stack to 100% and stack inverse-multiplicatively (50% + 50% = 75%).
  • Reduced the number of mental effects the Wintertide Phial will remove.
  • Penitence cures a more reasonable (fewer) number of diseases.
  • Cursed Sentry now remembers your weapon choice (which you can alter with a separate talent), the object is automatically picked up, but it's got a power level limitation now. Also it levels up them stats and uses better ammo.
  • Shop selling now rounds the whole stack price to 1 cent, rather than rounding up each object's price individually to 10 cents. Alchemists gems, no longer as shiny.

Fixed known bugs AKA: Oh yes, I hated this so much:
  • Tirakai's Maul no longer loses Weapon Mastery or becomes lower tier when gemmed.
  • Pyromancer/Cryomancer unlocks no longer require damage to be non-lethal when counting total for an achievement.
  • Randart generation is more consistent in its themes and power sources. You can no longer get something with conflicting themes... or get an antimagic item from a merchant if you don't want to. Hopefully. I know it's not the first time we say this.
  • Gloom weakness correctly weakens the target instead of strengthening it.
  • Slave brawlers in Ring of Blood now finally got gloves.
  • Getting a Lua error on an enemy talent should no longer lock you out of existence. Some things still may, but it's rarer overall.
  • Items on teleport traps will now be picked up before teleportation occurs.
  • Steam Cloud Saves are now off by default, as we heard many complaints about levels regenerating with them on.
  • Links can now be opened in an external browser instead of internal one.
  • Sliders on Steam UI no longer look weird. In general, alternate UI sets handle better and cause no disfigurings and overlaps.
  • Friendly fire (and alchemist bombs) no longer hits neutral targets.
  • Damage done by passive/sustained talents now shows damage flyers.
  • Summons no longer try to murder each other at random when you're frozen. They also actually might prefer hitting enemies over you with that 1000-damage Flamespit. Of course, if there is no enemies, best of luck.
  • Your resting is not broken by being scared of yourself as you're frozen.
  • Your Thunderstorm no longer hits you if you're next to the victim.
  • Dreaming of your wife, you'll meet her every time, not only the first time on this game instance.
  • Apprentice Quest now fixes item selection dialog. He'd be glad if you gave him your whole inventory, but he is polite.
  • Hitting guards in Point Zero will no longer make them want to remove you. You're just a newbie, after all. There's no chance you hit them on purpose.
  • Comparing gloves works correctly now, including showing real speed if you're a brawler.
  • On that note, Inspect creature no longer shows unarmed attack speed if you're in fact armed.
  • On that note, an option in Game Options to show power% and range on weapons instead of default "power: a-b" display.
  • Being Cursed and completing a quest about your past no longer renders your character unable to die if you run Ashes DLC. Don't ask. Just don't.
  • Goedalath Rock will tell you when you pick it up, and you won't do so automatically twice.
  • Dragging alchemist gems onto a player doll now stacks them up correctly, if possible.
  • Golem gem equipping fixed.
  • Fixed lava patches in darknened zones (like a pyroclast daikara + thunderstorm)
  • Borosk's Hate now boosts Two-handed assault category instead of an outdated one.
  • Backup guardians consistently increase material level on all zones (hello never-dropping Crystal Heart). This affects Reknor, Deep Bellow, and Scintillating Caves.
  • Skeleton's Reassemble talent won't prevent dying at the endgame dialog.
  • Wintertide's winter storm graphic will expand in size to match its effect.
  • Prox's Lucky Halfling Foot benefits from Charm Mastery.
  • Resurrecting while standing on an an entity with on_move damage should no longer kill the player a second time.
  • Fixed a bug with Butcher that could cause its rampage not to activate on damage. Now benefits from Charm Mastery.
  • Mage apprentice no longer squashed by you if you happen to beam down from some obscure city.

Obscure bugs AKA: Wait what, that was broken?:
  • Mindslayer rares should get their swords in the tight grip now
  • Mindslayer talent descriptions fixed (ranges in particular).
  • Arcane Power bonuses no longer affect itself.
  • Generic talent tree on levelup dialogs is no longer clipped if a dialog is wide enough.
  • Pouch of Subconsious no longer slows you down by 3000% and no longer disarms you.
  • Crit shrug off now works on multi-type damage correctly.
  • Significant performance improvements for map drawing, dialogs, and Classic UI.
  • Unseen Force now shows up as a timed effect. Blast from the same tree can no longer hit a single target multiple times.
  • Shield of Light now does shield attacks, not unarmed. Haha.
  • Resizing the game in the birther screen no longer disables the mouse.
  • Number boxes render correctly and have all functions of text boxes.
  • HUD style change no longer makes map viewport to be off in position.
  • Rhaloren inquisitor is Rhaloren now, meaning that his lackeys will no longer try to murder him if you are allied with Rhaloren. Haha.
  • NPC list now works on Classic UI. Bet you never knew about THAT feature, eh? (No one did, because it didn't work. It still doesn't on Minimalist. :( )
  • Celia is now rank: boss and carries a Rod of Recall. THis shoudl help with getting suck in the crypts for eternities.
  • Call Shadows starts its internal cooldown only after summoning a shadow succesfully.
  • Necrotic Minions and Cursed sentries no longer drop any additional objects on death. Ashes to ashes, and dust, to dust.
  • Selecting talents by keyboard in levelup screen now shows up the tooltip for talents.
  • Ice Core (Alchemist) tooltip is now correct.
  • Fast As Lightning always required steps, not game turns to be spent, but tooltip was confusing. No longer.
  • Sun Ray description used to say it's a beam. It never was a beam. It's a ray from the sky, not from you. You're not the sun. Unless you take that prodigy, but even in that case, it's still from the sky.
  • Corrupted Heart is now an arcane artifact.
  • Fixed scrolling on message log dialog.
  • Clicking faded links in the chat log should no longer work.
  • Fixed quest text on the storyline quest about the Staff.
  • Eidolon now obliterates everyone following you, just to relieve their pain. This solves the problem of golem being forever stuck in the limbo.
  • Time Skip, Rune of the Rift, and Maelstrom no longer render stairs underneath unaccessible.
  • Weapon mastery is only shown if you know the talent.
  • Tooth of the Mouth is no longer ubiquitous. Now you might actually use another pickaxe!
  • Skate no longer increases the knockback vulnerability with points put into it. Gnarly.
  • Blighted Maul's on hit shockwave will not hit the primary target.
  • Changed Umbraphage's damage calculation to actually care about it's charge level (slight nerf).
  • Stormlash's AOE effect is correctly centered on the target, rather than the user.
  • Corpathus summons are now actually your summons and won't turn on you.
  • Wands of Clairvoyance now dispel magical darkness like their description says.
  • Pyrokinesis will no longer be cast by AI when too far away. Ditto Aura of Silence and several other AoE.
  • Talents should no longer silently fail if they invoke a dialog and it's closed.
  • Elemental Discord now correctly has sustain cost.
  • Unique handwear now has accuracy bonuses.
  • Reaving Combat, being a tree of passives, no longer grants a vim bar.
  • Second Life/Shield of Light proccing while Healing Inversion is active no longer creates an infinite feedback loop.
  • Killing a mindslayer rare will no longer unload their auras into your face.
  • ASCII mode will not show multiple characters on one tile anymore.
  • Thermal and Charged Aura used with gem/mindstar no longer eat loads of Psi.

Addon developer section AKA: UGH, now I have to update from 1.0.6:
  • Added several callbacks, including "on block", "on run", "on levelup".
  • Added hooks: "Zone:loadEvents", "GemColorAttributes", targeting.
  • You can stick callbacks on items, the syntax is: callbackOnEvent(item, wearer, args...)
  • "sustain_slots" attribute (sustain_slots="arbitrary id") to define mutually exclusive sustains.
  • Map:scheduleRedisplay for when you're afraid of calling redisplay multiple times on the same tick.
  • Dialog UI dependent top/left/bottom/right works properly.
  • "calc_width/calc_height" on UI entry for it to be assigned width/height based on its position.
  • callbacks can now be assigned priorities (callbackPriorities={callbackOnEvent=3}). Default is zero. Less means it gets called earlier.
  • "passive_callbacks" on a sustained talent makes the callback system treat it as a passive.
  • Zone:applyEgo and friends for dynamic ego changes on items! Check it out!
  • Attempting to create an entity containing an upvalue (a function closure) will result in an error, as such entities cannot be saved. you can override that with a flag on your entity.
  • Damage mod on weapons can now be modified, and weapons can have multiple masteries.
  • effectsFilter/sustainsFilter and their remove brothers in Actor.lua! they have default filters aplenty and an ability to pass custom functions and limit the numbers.
  • Entity:fromBase to emulate what "base" attribute for loadList was doing.
  • "image" attribute on entities now supports absolute paths and paths in format of "addon+path" (which is data-addon/gfx/path)
  • Actor:burnArcaneResources(damage) for your manaburn needs.
  • "sustain_lists" and "learn_lists" attribute on talents to add talent IDs to lists on actors which you can then check. For example, "break_with_stealth" and "break_with_step_up".
  • Addon version is "addon_version" {a, b, c} in init.lua.
  • no_martyr is dead. Old no_martyr is tmp.no_reflect.
  • drawColorString family now less slow. Please use Font.draw instead anyway.
  • "iterCallbacks" for iterator that returns callback, priority, kind.
  • callbackOnTakeDamage and callbackOnHeal coorectly work when multiple ones modify the value.
  • tableSample and tableSampleIterator to pick N elements out of the array.
  • "is_melee" and "is_special_melee" on talents that are melee/special melee. Also melee talents use their targets now, feel free to hijack them.
  • "self_resurrect_msg" for your evil purposes.
  • "only_element" on staves for Command Staff to lock on one element category.
  • TMX (Tiled) maps are now supported directly for static maps.
Have fun!
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