Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.3 "Creepy Crawlies" is released!

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Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.3 "Creepy Crawlies" is released!

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My minions, I am happy and proud to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.7.3 ! See http://te4.org/

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.
If your launcher didn't self-update correctly, just redownload it from the homepage.

This release adds support for japanese & korean translations, and many fixes, balancing and support for addons stuff. Amongst them a solution (hopefully) to the slowness some people experienced in the previous version.

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( http://te4.org/donate ) or on Patreon !

  • Abyssal Shield now has a log line
  • Actor:canBe now checks for an additive "all_bad_immune" flag, for those that need it
  • Add Japanese and Korean translations
  • Add "no_sustain_autocast" for talents that should not auto-sustain on NPCs (like River of Souls)
  • Add a tutorial popup when the hotkeys page is switched for the first time
  • Add tile transition from marble floor to water (mainly for Last Hope)
  • Adjusts invisibility-granting talents and effects to prevent a floating point error
  • Adjusts tooltips to not display zero-valued properties
  • AI now tries to break iceblock
  • An other Darkvision fix
  • Blight eldritch eye from headless horror gains Drain, as Virulent Disease is now passive
  • Caldera/Sludgenest/Conclave vaults (and Scoure Pits in Forbidden Cults) are now mutualy exclusive, only one will exist per game. But one will always exist. In addition the racial 100% chance will only exist until the relevant unlock is gained
  • Change Re-assemble to check talent level instead of raw talent level for extra life
  • Change Sand Breath to use Mindpower
  • Change the color of Bone Shield overlay text for clarity.
  • Change Worldly Knowledge to use actual escort rewards
  • Chats will now correctly call your race/class/.. name by their actual display name instead of internal ids
  • Clarified the descriptions of the Cursed/Punishments talentsGesture of Malice's debuff now displays its icon properly
  • Clarify Cornac cat point is only at birth (not also every 10 levels)
  • Devourer Frenzy now checks if the target knows Gnashing Bite, not if their name is "Devourer"
  • Fix bone shield resting forever on world map.
  • Fix callbackOnArcheryHit on Chant Radiant
  • Fix Celestial Surge so that it doesn't require an actor standing in the center to deal damage
  • Fix clones of self resurrecting NPCs to not self resurrect themselves
  • Fix Deeprock Form to always remove levels in Volcano and Throw Boulder
  • Fix description of gale force torque
  • Fix description of Harass Prey
  • Fix Dirge of Conquest having no effect
  • Fix Fearscape validating the requirement for "planetary orbit"
  • Fix Judgement self hurt
  • Fix many typos
  • Fix a slowdown that happened in the previous version for some GPUs
  • Fix Nightmare description
  • Fix oversized Splatter Sigils
  • Fix range display for Wave of Power
  • Fix Shadow Simulacrum AI
  • Fix the description of lich's shadows' spells
  • Fix Un'fezan's Cap
  • Fix Through the Crowd conflict with Lich last talent
  • Fix a bug where the WASD keys could get "stuck" if a dialog poped while pressing them in combo
  • Fix some missing sound effects
  • Fix Vimsense to correctly reduce mental save
  • Fix a bug between cloning, removing effects, and Corrosive Worm
  • Game's window title now changes to reflect the current campaign
  • Hook "DamageProjector:base" now receives the target
  • Increase positive/negative regen in rest
  • Increase range on Ungolmor's poison hit
  • Make random sentient staff able to actually spawn
  • Make wrathful ego on-block damage friendly-fire safe as the description implies
  • Monster pits now have their doors always on the sides, never on corners
  • New actor:combatBestpower() to get the best of spell/mind/physical power (useful for some items or very generic talents)
  • New callbackOnTalentPre (return true to cancel cast)
  • New chat format support along with an experimental visual editor (look for Remote Designer in the debug menu)
  • New hook "Actor:updateModdableTile:skin", before tatoos and after base skin
  • New hook "Player:winnerDescs"
  • Non-necromancers can gain the Lich quest if they spend 5 points in Blurred Mortality
  • Object:canAttachTinker now checks for a "forbid_tinkers" property to prevent items from receiving tinkers
  • Promote some remaining fake-rare elite enemies to rare, for they are basically a rare
  • Probability Travel mana cost reduced
  • Reduce the rate at which rares and randbosses learn new talent trees
  • Renamed Open Palm Block's block effect to "Open Palm Block" to differentiate it from Blocking
  • Self-reloading ammo doesn't break at values above 6
  • Telekinetic wielded weapons are now displayed as floating behind the character doll
  • Thorn Grab, Unseen Force now have a visual effect
  • Throwing knife can't garrote
  • Update demonfire damage check for fiery torment when determining if it should hurt or heal demons
  • Updated the worldmap seen from orbit to be more correct
  • Wintry ego on shield now uses mindcrit
  • Add Japanese and Korean translations
  • Fix Reckless Strike
  • Fix Dolleg mainhand seed description
  • Fix Doom Concordat not reviving seeds
  • Fix Hexed Shield to cast with the correct level
  • Updating a seed with a sustain talent will not sustain it if it was not sustained (And I hereby win the medal of saying "sustain" as much as possible in a single sentence!)
  • All artifacts should now have special doll tiles
  • Fix Assault Chassis Tail Weapon
  • Fix Craftsman's Eye not getting blind fight
  • Add Japanese and Korean translations
  • Fix mecharachnid unequipping armor
  • Fix the display of Mind Injector
  • Fix Dazzling Jump
  • Fix the scaling of many talents after the 1.7 update
  • Giant alligator is now taller
  • Lower Fumigate APR
  • More sanity check for innovation
  • Remove exp value of AAAs
  • Update psi-machine categories to match current escorts
  • Add combat training to Cultist of Entropy
  • Fix bonestaff chat appearing on other staves
  • Fix Cacophony effect description
  • Fix daze check for Lash Out
  • Add Japanese and Korean translations
  • Fix range in Accelerate description
  • Fix Revelation for Prophecy of Madness and Prophecy of Treason
  • Fix Split's wrong formula
  • Hypostasis achievement is correctly labelled as important
  • Update the Sourced Pits to work in the same framework as the caldera, conclave vault and sludgenest of vanilla
Have fun in Eyal!
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