[1.7.4] EOR: Petrifying Gaze

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[1.7.4] EOR: Petrifying Gaze

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Petrifying Gazes talent description is TOTALLY INCORRECT ...

I mean, it describes a totally different talent :)

Gaze at your foes and turn them to stone for 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 turns.
Stoned creatures are unable to act or regen life, and are very brittle.
If a stoned creature is hit by an attack that deals more than 30% of its life, it will shatter and be destroyed.
Stoned creatures are highly resistant to fire and lightning, and somewhat resistant to physical attacks.
This spell may fail against creatures resistant to being stunned, that are specifically immune to stoning, or certain bosses.

Meanwhile the talent is a CONE. AoE, STUNNING talent ... and NOT a Stoning talent.
The radius is not even in the description.

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