Demonologist Save-File not working anymore

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Demonologist Save-File not working anymore

#1 Post by Heinzel »

My Demonologist-Save ( ... a1ed4a0d4f) has become rather unstable, sometimes crashing when changing zones, though i believe the saving induced the crash.
I usually could reload and replay and since the crash would happen sporadically i could progress.
Now i can't load that save anymore.
I have the following error:
Loading savefile /save/420_spellblaze_it/
Lua Error: /mod/class/Game.lua:1456: attempt to index field 'party' (a nil value)
At [C]:-1 __index
At /mod/class/Game.lua:1456 getPlayer
At /engine/Savefile.lua:807 md5Check
At /engine/Savefile.lua:569 loadGame
At /engine/Module.lua:1107 instanciate
At /engine/utils.lua:3000 showMainMenu
At /engine/init.lua:207
At [C]:-1 dofile
At /loader/init.lua:217

I was told in the discord, that the demonologist bloats the save files, which can make them unusable at some point. (The save folder takes up 371 MB with the game.teag file being 70 mb)
I was told to make a backup of the save files, unzip the game.teag file and rename that folder into game.teag replacing the old file. This let me load into the game at least, but crashes the game whenever it tries to save.
In the log it just keeps looping the following entry:
Saving zipname /save/420_spellblaze_it/zone-demon-plane.teaz.tmp
Saved zipname /save/420_spellblaze_it/zone-demon-plane.teaz.tmp
[SAVEFILE PIPE] Checking save 420 Spellblaze it zone /save/420_spellblaze_it/zone-demon-plane.teaz.tmp
Loading savefile /save/420_spellblaze_it/
[SAVEFILE] checked validity of type zone => main not found
[SAVEFILE PIPE] *RE*new save running in the pipe: 420 Spellblaze it zone :: zone-demon-plane.teaz :: table: 0x197aa208 => table: 0x3547c5c0 (81062)
Loading savefile /save/420_spellblaze_it/

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Re: Demonologist Save-File not working anymore

#2 Post by Tradewind_Rider »


I read elsewhere, others also had issues with demonologist too.
Personally, i never had any issues with it, but i never used any summoning ability of demonologist.

However i had similiar issues (if not the same) when i played with Temporal Warden and learned Warden's Call.

My guess is, the issue is the same: the cleanup is bad after the clones/demon summons disappear, so they will increase the savefile.
(I checked my problematic savefile also and it was huuuge, and individual files were duplicated in [e.g. items]).


You can play demonologist like me: do not learn & use summoning talents.
Learn Bind Demon level 5, but never use it, just for the passive effect, and do not learn Twisted Portal & Doom Concordat.

Demo is a crazy strong class, it need no weak summons anyway. ;)

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Re: Demonologist Save-File not working anymore

#3 Post by Moasseman »

Correct, this has technically been an issue since forever but nobody used the demon summoning previously. Now with the small Demo rework, there are talents which automatically summon dudes so people are running into the save bloat problem
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