[1.7.4] Lich necromancer losing heal

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[1.7.4] Lich necromancer losing heal

#1 Post by fon_luck »

Hi! I'm playing a necromancer lich. After increasing the constitution, he begins to lose health (negative regen). The greater the increase in the constitution, the greater the negative regen.

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Re: [1.7.4] Lich necromancer losing heal

#2 Post by Moasseman »

Do you have a Goedalath rock in your inventory?

E: Checked your inventory and yes you do have a Goedalath rock there.
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Re: [1.7.4] Lich necromancer losing heal

#3 Post by Erenion »

Increasing your CON increases healmod, which acts as a multiplier to your life regeneration.
Since that is negative due to the Goedalath Rock, increasing healmod will lower your life regeneration further.
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